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how fast does protein absorb

For ages the good debate over protein has been how a lot protein do I want? There have been many knock-down, drag-out fights over how a lot is sufficient and the way a lot is an excessive amount of.

Within the crimson nook: the RDAs who advocate 0.36-0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight (0.8 g/kg to 1.2-1.8 g/kg) in each day protein consumption!

Within the blue nook: the health specialists who advocate 1-2g/lb (2.2 to 4.4 g/kg)!

Now I’m going to be the one who leaps into the ring unexpectedly with the folding chair.

Neglect how a lot you’re consuming. How a lot are you absorbing?

What for those who aren’t absorbing all – and even half – of the protein you’re consuming?


Consuming versus absorbing

You could be smugly considering, “Helen, this isn’t news. Everybody know that most people have low stomach acid and can’t absorb all the protein from a steak.” However what about whey protein? It’s best to be capable to take in that fairly simply, proper? Determine you might take in fairly near 100% of a whey protein shake, proper?  You feeling fortunate, protein punk?

Effectively, you’re incorrect. We solely digest a small quantity of whey protein in liquid type. Are you shocked? If not, I’m not ashamed to confess that I used to be.

Shock apart, the analysis is fairly clear.  Certainly, a latest research examined how a lot whey protein we will take in in a single sitting.  And let me simply say that it appears like a whole lot of whey is actually happening the bathroom.

Neglect the spider – Little Miss Muffet has different issues

Seems that it takes 1.5 hours for viscous liquids (e.g. a whey protein shake) to move by way of the part of the intestine that may really take in it.  However that’s not the breaking information.  Right here’s the massive story.  The utmost charge that whey protein might be absorbed is about 8-10 grams per hour.


Analysis query

As talked about above, a latest article checked out one doable approach of boosting whey protein absorption – and, by extension, amino acid supply and muscle progress.  Right here’s the reference:

Oben J, Kothari SC & Anderson; ML. An open label research to find out the consequences of an oral proteolytic enzyme on whey protein focus metabolism in wholesome males JISSN 2008 5(10).

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On this research the researchers requested the query: what can folks do to extend whey absorption?

(Effectively, really, they requested whether or not “digestive proteases would increase the absorption rate of [whey protein concentrate] WPC.”  However the query above simply sounds higher…that’s why we translated the academese for you.)



On this research, forty-one members volunteered to have their blood and urine analysed. They have been wholesome males that have been lean (with BMI between 20 and 24), and comparatively youthful – between 19-35 years previous.

These members got a plain vanilla flavoured whey protein focus powder that was 85% protein, 6% fats, 3% ash, and 6% lactose – no solublizers, emulsifiers or “fillers”. (By the way in which, it seems that fifty grams of whey protein powder is definitely 42.5 grams protein.)

What subsequent?

Effectively, first, the researchers checked out what occurs when these guys drank a 50g serving of whey protein alone (generally known as the management pattern).  And after the complement, they examined two issues: serum amino acid ranges (the quantity of amino acids circulating within the bloodstream) and complete nitrogen excreted.

They measured serum amino acid ranges earlier than consuming the whey and at varied factors afterwards (half-hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 3.5 hours and 4 hours after consuming the whey protein).

To measure complete nitrogen excreted, researchers additionally collected members’ urine for twenty-four hours after consuming the whey. Realizing how a lot protein in ingested (the whey) and the way a lot nitrogen is excreted (urine) you get a way of the general nitrogen stability. It’s vital to notice that there are are extra delicate strategies for figuring out general nitrogen stability utilizing blood evaluation.

Geek alert!
Extra in-depth scientific clarification!



It seems that when members drank whey alone, it took 4 hours to achieve most complete serum amino acids ranges, which elevated about 30% from baseline (from 1.71mg/L to 2.22mg/L).  So, with straight unadulterated whey you get a 30% enhance in complete amino acid ranges after 4 hours. Now what?

Possibly Little Miss Muffet ought to get off her tuffet and check out digestive enzymes.

Whereas the findings about whey alone are fascinating, the true function of this research was to check whether or not proteolytic enzymes helped enhance protein absorption. Proteolytic enzymes (on this case, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae) are merely digestive enzymes that assist digest protein.

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After all the group took whey with none enzymes, researchers cut up the group up. One group drank whey together with 2.5 grams of enzymes; the second group drank the identical quantity of whey, however with 5 grams of enzymes.

As with consuming whey by itself, each teams had peak serum amino acid ranges 4 hours afterwards. Nothing thrilling there. We’ve already realized that it takes time for whey to be absorbed.

However whey and enzymes collectively had a lot greater amino acid ranges after 4 hours. Do not forget that with none enzymes there was solely a paltry 30% enhance in amino acid ranges. With 2.5 grams of enzymes, amino acid ranges have been 110% greater after 4 hours. With 5 grams of enzymes, even higher: 127% greater.

Holy curds! 127% versus 30% in the identical timeframe – that’s spectacular!

Because it occurs, the researchers additionally checked out particular person amino acids. You realize, alanine, valine and a bunch of different ‘ines. The group taking in 5 grams of enzymes additionally had greater particular person amino acid ranges than when consuming whey alone, apart from serine and methionine. So all branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) have been greater with 5 grams of enzymes.

One other fascinating discovering was that much less nitrogen was excreted when the whey additionally had enzymes. Once more, bear in mind: much less nitrogen excreted means a extra constructive nitrogen stability, which implies a extra anabolic atmosphere within the physique.


Conclusions – “how fast does protein absorb”

First, it’s fairly clear that you simply in all probability aren’t absorbing all of the protein in your whey for those who’re consuming it plain and in viscous (liquid) type.  From this research (and others), evidently beneath regular circumstances, liquids rush by way of the GI tract too rapidly and that solely a small quantity of protein might be absorbed throughout regular transit time.

From this research it’s additionally evident that greater doses of whey protein are higher absorbed for those who take digestive enzymes on the similar time.  If you do that, you get greater amino acid ranges in your blood, so that you’ve extra accessible to your muscle tissues and different tissues, which is just about the entire level of consuming whey – to make amino acids accessible to your physique.

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Second, it obtained me considering: what different issues assist us take in whey protein? My questions:

My suspicions are sure – each would assist enhance absorption.  Though not as a lot as seen with enzyme supplementation.  So one of the best of each worlds, for those who’re searching for elevated absorption, would in all probability be to decelerate transit time AND complement with proteolytic enzymes.

Now, on a aspect not, I do have to say that this research was sponsored by the corporate that makes whey protein powder with these enzymes.  After all, I’m not saying the research isn’t correct.  Nevertheless, I all the time, all the time take a look at the place the cash comes from for research. Why? As a result of to a point, funding will affect the interpretation, design, or final result of the analysis.

However again to the physiology.  It seems that ultimately, we should always all be extra involved about how a lot of no matter we’re consuming is definitely being absorbed. What you eat doesn’t essentially imply what you take in and have accessible to you.

Within the case of whey protein supplementation, because of the science, the times of slamming 50g protein shakes straight are gone.  Should you don’t discover methods to sluggish transit time and/or enhance the speed of whey absorption, you’ll be spending your hard-earned money on boosting fecal and urinary nitrogen vs. rising muscle protein.
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Eat, transfer, and reside…higher.©

The well being and health world can generally be a complicated place. However it does not should be.

Allow us to make it easier to make sense of all of it with this free particular report.

In it you may be taught one of the best consuming, train, and way of life methods – distinctive and private – for you.

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