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Blood clots can happen each inside and outdoors the physique. They often type after harm to veins or arteries and infrequently resolve with out remedy after the wound has healed.

The formation of a blood clot is named coagulation. Wholesome coagulation requires a exact quantity of proteins, in addition to blood cells referred to as platelets, for efficient perform.

Nonetheless, some clots develop with out harm and require remedy. The well being penalties of those clots might be extraordinarily extreme and generally deadly.

Protein C helps regulate blood clots and is important to the method of wound therapeutic. A scarcity of protein C can result in irregular blood clots and different, critical circumstances.


What’s protein C deficiency?

The liver makes protein C and releases it into the bloodstream.

This regulates blood clotting by blocking different proteins that promote coagulation.

Protein C deficiency happens when an individual is unable to provide sturdy sufficient protein C or wouldn’t have sufficient of the protein of their physique.

This deficiency upsets the steadiness within the bloodstream. Since protein C blocks clotting proteins, the much less protein C the physique makes, the higher the danger that blood clots would possibly type.

Protein C deficiency can vary from gentle to extreme. Many individuals with gentle protein C deficiency don’t develop problematic blood clots.

In response to Clot Join, an info and outreach venture of the College of North Carolina, roughly 1 in 500 individuals could have the inherited type of protein C deficiency. Extreme circumstances of protein C deficiency are much less widespread, affecting only one in 4 million new child infants.



Folks can inherit or purchase protein C deficiency.

Folks inherit protein C deficiency resulting from mutations in a single explicit gene referred to as the PROC gene. Researchers have recognized 270 totally different mutations that may both scale back manufacturing or forestall the complete perform of protein C.

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The danger of a extra critical situation will increase with the quantity of mutations on the PROC gene.

Folks additionally purchase the situation by way of non-genetic means, together with:

Danger components

The best danger components for the situation are having a mum or dad with the situation or a household historical past of irregular blood clots.

Mother and father cross the mutation that causes protein C deficiency to their offspring. There’s a 50 % probability of inheriting the situation when one mum or dad has it. Extra extreme circumstances can happen when people inherit mutated PROC genes from each dad and mom.

The next components enhance the danger of blood clots:



Probably the most extreme circumstances of protein C deficiency happen shortly after delivery. That is often the results of a blood-clotting situation referred to as purpura fulminans.

Some individuals with very low ranges of protein C would possibly present no signs till puberty. Nonetheless, they’re simply as prone to have blood clots and blockages as an individual who confirmed signs earlier on.


People could solely uncover they’ve protein C deficiency after blood clots and different related problems happen.

The problems of protein C deficiency might be extreme and will result in emergency remedy. These embody:

Deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a critical situation that may develop amongst individuals with even gentle protein C deficiency.

DVTs are blood clots that type beneath the floor of the pores and skin, often within the legs and arms but additionally across the mind.

DVTs can grow to be life-threatening after they transfer by way of the physique and trigger blockages within the lungs.

If individuals with protein C deficiency have a number of episodes of DVT, a situation referred to as power deep vein insufficiency can develop.

Because of this the pores and skin within the space turns into discolored, and the swelling grows extra critical.

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Pulmonary embolism

This harmful situation could develop after DVT. A pulmonary embolism blocks blood move to the lungs.

Issues throughout being pregnant

Protein C deficiency raises the danger of clots for girls throughout being pregnant and after labor. The danger is larger after delivery.

Statistics recommend that 1 out of 100 pregnant girls with inherited protein C deficiency will develop a clot except they take blood-thinning treatment. Ladies who’re pregnant ought to focus on preventive choices with their docs.

Purpura fulminans

This can be a life threatening situation occurring in infants with extreme protein C deficiency.

Purpura fulminans develops quickly after delivery. Blood clots type in small blood vessels everywhere in the physique.

Blood move stops round these clots, inflicting cell dying. The physique makes use of up blood-clotting proteins rapidly, leading to irregular bleeding and discolored pores and skin.

Many new child infants don’t survive this situation. Nonetheless, those that survive stay at excessive danger for clots and blockages.

Warfarin-induced necrosis

This can be a uncommon and painful situation present in roughly 1 out of 10,000 individuals who begin remedy with warfarin.

Blood clots trigger cell dying within the breasts, buttocks, thighs, or torso. Bleeding in these areas turns them purple and blue and causes swelling, extreme ache, and gangrene.

Therapy will contain instantly switching warfarin to a course of heparin, vitamin Okay, and protein C focus.

The situation continuously requires surgical procedure.


When to see a health care provider

Each blood clot is a possible medical emergency.

Folks ought to search medical assist instantly if any of the next signs seem:

Blood clots happen in 900,000 individuals in the US annually, and 100,000 of those circumstances can be deadly.

Statistics from the Worldwide Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis present that 1 out of each 4 pulmonary embolisms is deadly.

Search emergency medical help if any of those signs develop:


A blood check is the one strategy to determine protein C deficiency. Some components, resembling warfarin remedy, may trigger a brief drop in protein C, so repeat testing could also be obligatory.

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For essentially the most correct outcomes, anticipate not less than 14 days after utilizing warfarin to obtain testing. Testing relations may also help verify whether or not the situation is hereditary.

Docs may additionally misdiagnose clots and will name for re-testing.


Therapy and outlook – “how to increase protein c”

Even individuals with out protein C deficiency ought to take motion to stop clots. Easy steps embody losing a few pounds, quitting smoking, and staying lively.

Folks with protein C deficiency could need to take additional steps. This will contain switching medicines, resembling stopping estrogen remedy and avoiding contraceptives that comprise estrogen and progestin.

People who’ve relations with protein C deficiency ought to contemplate receiving testing, even when they don’t have any signs.

Folks ought to inform workers about protein C deficiency earlier than surgical procedure, being pregnant remedy, lengthy flights, and different conditions that concerned restricted motion.

Docs would possibly recommend long-term remedy with blood-thinning treatment for individuals who have had blood clots because of genetic protein C deficiency. If clots should not but an issue, docs often suggest blood thinners solely when an individual faces an elevated danger of blood clots, together with:

Folks can complement low protein C ranges with an artificial focus at these occasions. This could additionally scale back the dosage of blood thinners prescribed for long-term customers.



Protein C deficiency is a scarcity of 1 explicit protein that’s important to regulating blood clots all through the physique.

If there may be not sufficient protein C within the physique, an individual runs the danger of a probably deadly blood clot, together with DVT and pulmonary embolism. A person will typically inherit the situation from one or each dad and mom and blood-clotting medicines, resembling warfarin.

Therapy contains altering treatment and supplementing protein C with an artificial focus.


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