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How To Tell Magnesium From Aluminum Wheels

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Magnesium and Aluminum Wheels are two popular choices. No matter what you’re looking for, the widespread availability of aluminum wheels makes it possible to find a good set. The price will vary based on the style and size you choose, but aluminum rims are usually more expensive than those made of magnesium or steel. Some wheel manufacturers also make other automotive accessories, which helps you to establish brand consistency. In this article, the differences between the two main vehicle wheel styles, magnesium and aluminum, are discussed. We’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of the two styles of wheels in this article.

How To Tell Magnesium From Aluminum Wheels – Answer & Related Questions

Find an insignificant spot on the back of the rim and apply a drop of vinegar; if the vinegar bubbles up, the wheel is magnesium.

How Can You Tell If A Metal Is Aluminum Or Magnesium?

To tell the difference between aluminum and magnesium, scrap metal shops should have a spray bottle of vinegar on hand. If it bubbles, it’s magnesium. I’d do it in a place that can’t be seen and rinse it thoroughly afterwards. A drop should be enough.

How Do I Know If My Rims Are Magnesium Or Aluminum?

Steel is magnetic and aluminum isn’t, so any magnet will tell the tale if the wheel is steel. If the magnet doesn’t stick, the wheel is either aluminum or magnesium.