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is ascent protein good

Ascent’s Native Gasoline Whey Protein Powder Mix is marketed as the brand new “benchmark in protein purity.” What’s all of the hype about? The corporate despatched us the Chocolate and Lemon Sorbet flavors of their well-known, unconventional whey protein so we may attempt it out and take an in depth take a look at the model, the vitamin, the elements, and the value, and work out if it’s proper to your wants.

The model itself has a giant give attention to athletics and efficiency (versus, say, way of life and weight reduction) and to that finish it makes use of numerous large identify CrossFit® athletes of their advertising and all their merchandise are third celebration examined by Knowledgeable Alternative, which screens for banned substances. Entrepreneur and productiveness maven Tim Ferriss has referred to as it “cleaner, purer, and less processed.”

Why? These labels seem to stem from the truth that there aren’t any synthetic flavors or sweeteners and from the truth that Ascent makes use of an uncommon filtration course of to achieve their Native Whey Protein Isolate, which is blended in with typical whey focus and isolate. Let’s take a better look.

Ascent Native Gasoline Whey Protein Powder

Ascent Native Gasoline Whey Protein Powder

A naturally sweetened whey mix that tastes remarkably good with water, it comprises an uncommon “Native Whey Isolate” that is a lot much less processed than most different isolates. 

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How We Determine the Finest

Determining if you happen to’ve bought the suitable protein for you goes past a easy style check. Right here’s what we assess with each sip.


We’re going to say this so much, however what issues probably the most will depend upon you — perhaps your precedence is to get as a lot protein as potential per calorie, which might imply no fats or carbs per serving. Usually, that leads to a reasonably so-so style, so loads of folks want wheys with some carbs.

Then there’s ldl cholesterol, saturated fats, sodium, and different nutritional vitamins and minerals. We dive in to all of ‘em.


Several types of whey have their very own execs and cons (whey focus is cheaper, whey hydrolysate would possibly take in quicker, and many others.) however only a few whey proteins are simply whey protein. Soy lecithin helps mixability, however perhaps you don’t like soy. Gum works as a thickener and stabilizer, however perhaps it causes indigestion. Then there are synthetic sweeteners, lactose content material, and different components.


You purchase protein powder for the protein, so we decide a whey’s value on the quantity you pay per gram of protein. The larger manufacturers sometimes wind up at between 4 and 5 cents per gram of protein, however there are causes chances are you’ll need to pay extra.

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Creamy? Candy? Synthetic tasting? Bland as heck? We’ve tried sufficient whey to know the place it falls and what you possibly can fairly anticipate primarily based on the elements.


Ascent Protein Diet

One scoop comprises 120 energy: 25 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates (1 gram sugar, below a gram of fiber), and 1 gram of fats (none saturated). There’s additionally 7 % of the really useful each day consumption of ldl cholesterol, 4 % of your sodium.

There’s not so much else to speak about so far as nutritional vitamins and minerals go: there’s 15 % of your each day calcium and 4 % of your iron.

This leads to 4.8 energy per gram of protein, which is a reasonably strong protein-to-calorie ratio. (Pure protein, with no fats or carbs, is 4 energy per gram.) It’s fairly uncommon to discover a protein powder that has no saturated fats in any respect and Ascent is sort of low in ldl cholesterol for one thing that comprises whey focus, so this can be a professional or a con primarily based in your objectives.

It’s a tad increased in calcium than your common whey however in any other case it is a fairly customary vitamin label for a whey mix.



The primary ingredient is a mix of whey protein isolate and Native Whey protein isolate, adopted by whey focus. I’ll focus on the professionals and cons of Native Whey within the subsequent part.

After the whey there’s pure flavors, soy lecithin for mixability, and sea salt. The pure sweeteners used within the Chocolate taste are monk fruit extract and stevia leaf extract, although the Lemon Sorbet, Vanilla Bean, and Cappuccino flavors don’t have any stevia. There’s additionally an Unflavored selection with none sweeteners or flavors in any respect.

As talked about, a giant enchantment to the model for some customers is the shortage of synthetic flavors and sweeteners, although it’s potential that the soy lecithin — which is supposed to enhance mixability — could give some customers pause. There are additionally no digestive enzymes added, which some customers want as a result of they could decrease digestive discomfort and improve absorption.(1)(2)(3)

However an enormous emphasis for this product is the Native Whey Isolate. So what does that actually imply?

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What Is Native Whey?

So is Ascent “cleaner, purer, and less processed”? As well as these claims, Ascent additionally has a giant emphasis on the amino acid leucine. The bag notes that it has “higher levels of naturally occurring leucine.”

There are a couple of causes that additional leucine could be necessary. In line with a wide range of research, like one printed in Journal of Diet in 2006, leucine is the amino acid that’s most carefully related to muscle protein synthesis, a course of that switches on genes answerable for muscle acquire.(4)(5) There’s much more to muscle acquire than leucine, after all — your exercises, your sleep, your general consumption of energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients — however muscle protein synthesis remains to be an necessary a part of the puzzle.

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Ascent Native Gasoline Whey delivers 2.7 grams of leucine per scoop of 25 grams of protein.Their web site states that it truly has “17 percent more leucine” and when we bought in contact with Ascent they confirmed that they imply they provide 17 % extra leucine than your common whey, stating their rivals sometimes have between 2 and a pair of.5 grams per scoop.

In truth, although, 2.7 grams of leucine isn’t loopy excessive; not each model divulges its leucine content material (they’re extra more likely to inform you what number of branched chain amino acids they ship) however 2.7 grams is similar quantity you’ll discover in 25 grams of protein from Dymatize Iso 100 or Final Diet Iso Cool, and it’s 3 % increased than you’ll get in a scoop of the business main Optimum Diet Gold Commonplace. Leucine content material of two.7 grams is unquestionably on the excessive aspect, although.

So why is Native Whey Isolate price your cash? Effectively, whey is often a results of the cheese making course of: you add acid or enzymes to exploit which separates the 2 proteins it comprises, whey and casein. This offers you whey focus, which you’ll be able to additional course of into whey isolate, which strips out most (if not all) of the carbs and fats.

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Native whey isolate isn’t sourced from the cheesemaking course of, it simply lifts the isolate proper out of the milk by an uncommon kind of filtration course of. That’s why folks say that Native Whey is much less processed: as a substitute of ensuing from separating whey and casein after which placing it by one other step of processing, there’s only one step.

Ascent emphasizes that additionally they “avoid harmful processing steps like bleaching.” Most research we discovered on bleaching whey have been on the way it can alter the flavour, however it’s potential that it causes some fat to oxidize, and consuming oxidized fat is linked to some detrimental well being outcomes.(6)(7) Now, we should always emphasize that whey is tremendous low in fats anyway, however there’s an argument to be made that unbleached whey is a greater choose.


Ascent Protein Value – “is ascent protein good”

You will get these in single serve pouches or in 4-pound baggage however the 2-pound bag is the usual dimension and prices between $40 and $45. That gives 27 scoops of 25 grams of protein, so it involves about $1.45 to $1.65 per scoop or 6 to six.5 cents per gram of protein.

That’s comparatively pricy, as the most well-liked manufacturers common 4 to five cents per gram of protein. Six to six.5 cents per gram is about what I’d anticipate for a pure whey isolate, particularly a grass-fed one. However Ascent does have that Native Whey Isolate, which I think about is dearer to provide, plus it’s examined by Knowledgeable Alternative, so chances are you’ll discover that value price it.

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Ascent Protein Style


I attempted chocolate with 2 % milk and with water, and it didn’t shock me that it was tasty with milk — it’s fairly exhausting for any whey to style dangerous when blended with cream and sugar. What actually impressed me was that it tasted scrumptious with water, which is virtually extraordinary for a naturally sweetened protein powder.

I wouldn’t say it tastes like a chocolate bar, somewhat it tastes like chocolate-flavored sweet. It’s candy with out being overwhelming and it even manages to confer an ever so barely creamy style regardless of having simply 1 gram of fats per serving. This can be my new go-to whey after I’m attempting to attenuate additional energy and after I don’t really feel like consuming synthetic sweeteners.

Lemon Sorbet

I needed to attempt Ascent’s signature Lemon Sorbet taste and I’ll confess I used to be a little bit involved with the concept of blending a citrus taste with the dairy base of whey. I attempted it with water and never milk to attenuate any potential points.

However once more, I used to be pleasantly shocked. The flavour wasn’t bitter, somewhat it tasted so much just like the milk left over from a bowl of Froot Loops. (When you concentrate on it, Froot Loops style extra like lemon sweet than the rest.) It was candy and gentle and completely distinctive amongst some other whey flavors I’ve tried.


The Verdict



I used to be a little bit shocked to study that there’s Native Whey has a comparatively customary 2.7 grams of leucine per scoop, although it’s positively true that this is a superb supply of leucine and it’s certainly a lot increased than most protein sources. If the truth that it’s much less processed and unbleached is interesting to you then I can see this a worthy purchase, although it’s price emphasizing that this product nonetheless comprises common whey isolate and whey focus, so it’s not like that is completely freed from repeatedly processed whey.

Nonetheless, I used to be blown away by the style and impressed with the vitamin and protein per calorie, particularly given there aren’t any synthetic elements. If you happen to’re after a naturally flavored whey that tastes nice with water — and I think about that an especially invaluable side in a protein powder — then Ascent is a fully terrific choose, as long as you’re OK with paying a little bit additional.

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“is ascent protein good”

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