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magnesium nitride formula

Magnesium nitride, which possesses the chemical formulation Mg3N2, is an inorganic compound of magnesium and nitrogen. At room temperature and stress it’s a greenish yellow powder.







Magnesium nitride reacts with water to supply magnesium hydroxide and ammonia fuel, as do many steel nitrides.

In actual fact, when magnesium is burned in air, some magnesium nitride is fashioned along with the principal product, magnesium oxide.

Thermal decomposition of magnesium nitride offers magnesium and nitrogen fuel (at 700-1500 °C).

At excessive pressures, the steadiness and formation of recent nitrogen-rich nitrides (N/Mg ratio equal or larger to at least one) have been instructed and later found.[1][2][3] These embody the Mg2N4 and MgN4 solids which each turn into thermodynamically steady close to 50 GPa.[4] The Mg2N4 consists of unique cis-tetranitrogen N44− species with N-N bond orders shut to at least one. This Mg2N4 compound was recovered to ambient circumstances, together with the N44− models, marking solely the fourth polynitrogen entity bulk stabilized at ambient circumstances.

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Makes use of[edit]

Magnesium nitride was the catalyst within the first sensible synthesis of borazon (cubic boron nitride).[5]

Robert H. Wentorf, Jr. was making an attempt to transform the hexagonal type of boron nitride into the cubic type by a mix of warmth, stress, and a catalyst. He had already tried all of the logical catalysts (as an example, people who catalyze the synthesis of diamond), however with no success.

Out of desperation and curiosity (he referred to as it the “make the maximum number of mistakes” method[6]), he added some magnesium wire to the hexagonal boron nitride and gave it the identical stress and warmth therapy. When he examined the wire below a microscope, he discovered tiny darkish lumps clinging to it. These lumps might scratch a sophisticated block of boron carbide, one thing solely diamond was identified to do.

From the odor of ammonia, attributable to the response of magnesium nitride with the moisture within the air, he deduced that the magnesium steel had reacted with the boron nitride to type magnesium nitride, which was the true catalyst.

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When isolating argon, William Ramsay handed dry air over copper to take away oxygen and over magnesium to take away the nitrogen, forming magnesium nitride.


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