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magnesium sulfate medicine

Magnesium sulfate as a drugs is used to deal with and stop low blood magnesium and seizures in ladies with eclampsia.[2] It’s also used within the therapy of torsades de pointes, extreme bronchial asthma exacerbations, constipation, and barium poisoning.[2][3] It’s given by injection right into a vein or muscle in addition to by mouth.[2][3] As epsom salts, it’s also used for mineral baths.[4]

Widespread negative effects embrace low blood strain, pores and skin flushing, and low blood calcium.[2] Different negative effects could embrace vomiting, muscle weak point, and decreased respiration.[5] Whereas there’s proof that use throughout being pregnant could hurt the child, the advantages in sure situations are better than the dangers.[6] Its use throughout breastfeeding is deemed to be protected.[6] Magnesium sulfate for medical use is the magnesium sulfate heptahydrate salt.[3] The way in which it really works isn’t absolutely understood, however is believed to contain miserable the motion of neurons.[2]

Magnesium sulfate got here into medical use no less than as early as 1618.[7] It’s on the World Well being Group’s Checklist of Important Medicines.[8]




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Exterior makes use of[edit]

Magnesium sulfate is utilized in tub salts, particularly for foot baths to assuage sore ft. The explanation for the inclusion of the salt is partially beauty: the rise in ionic energy prevents a few of the short-term pores and skin wrinkling (partial maceration) which might happen with plain water baths.

Epsom salt baths have been claimed to additionally soothe and hasten restoration of muscle ache, soreness, or damage. Nevertheless, these claims haven’t been scientifically confirmed.[9] The solubility of magnesium sulfate water is inhibited by lipids in lotions leading to variable absorption charges when utilized to the pores and skin. Temperature and focus are additionally elements.[10]

Isolation tanks[edit]

Magnesium sulfate is often utilized in flotation remedy to arrange the concentrated options that fill the isolation tanks. Its excessive solubility in water yields baths with excessive particular gravity that making the physique extra buoyant. Its negligible toxicity is a vital asset in that utility.

Mineral waters[edit]

Magnesium and sulfate ions are naturally current in some mineral waters.[11]

Drawing paste[edit]

Within the UK, a drugs containing magnesium sulfate, referred to as “drawing paste”, is claimed to be helpful for small boils or localised infections,[12] and eradicating splinters.[13] The usual British Pharmacopoeia composition is dried magnesium sulfate 47.76% (by mass), phenol 0.49%, and glycerol to stability.[12]

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Inside makes use of[edit]

Magnesium sulfate could be administered internally by oral, respiratory, or intravenous routes.

Magnesium deficiency[edit]

Magnesium sulfate is used as a alternative remedy for magnesium deficiency[14]


Magnesium sulfate could also be used as an antiarrhythmic agent for torsades de pointes in cardiac arrest underneath the ECC pointers and for managing quinidine-induced arrhythmias.[15]

Bronchial asthma[edit]

Magnesium sulfate could also be used as bronchodilator after beta-agonist and anticholinergic brokers have been tried, e.g. in extreme exacerbations of bronchial asthma,[16] The salt could be administered by nebulization[16] or by intravenous injection.


Magnesium sulfate is efficient in lowering the chance that pre-eclampsia progresses to eclampsia.[17] Intravenous magnesium sulfate is used to stop and deal with seizures of eclampsia. It reduces the systolic blood strain however doesn’t alter the diastolic blood strain, so the blood perfusion to the fetus isn’t compromised. It’s also generally used for eclampsia the place in comparison with diazepam or phenytoin it leads to higher outcomes.[18][19]

Early supply[edit]

Magnesium sulfate was as soon as used as a tocolytic,[20][21] however meta-analyses have didn’t assist it as an anti-contraction medicine.[22][23] Utilization for extended intervals (greater than 5 to seven days) could lead to well being issues for the child.[24]

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In these prone to an early supply, magnesium sulfate seems to lower the chance of cerebral palsy.[25][26] It’s unclear if it helps those that are born at time period.[27] Pointers for using magnesium sulfate in moms prone to preterm labour aren’t strongly adhered to.[28]

Lead poisoning[edit]

Magnesium sulfate was traditionally used as a therapy for lead poisoning. Previous to the event of chelation remedy, instances of unintentional lead ingestion have been typically instantly handled with magnesium sulfate, which might trigger the result in be precipitated out and, with a excessive sufficient dose, actually purged from the digestive system as insoluble lead(II) sulfate.[29][30] On this utility, magnesium sulfate noticed specific use in veterinary drugs of the early-to-mid twentieth century; Epsom salt was already out there on many farms for agricultural functions, and it was typically prescribed within the therapy of livestock which inadvertently ingested lead.[31][32]



Magnesium sulfate has been used as an experimental therapy of Irukandji syndrome attributable to envenomation by sure species of Irukandji jellyfish, however the efficacy of this therapy stays unproven.[33]


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An abnormally elevated plasma focus of magnesium is known as hypermagnesemia.


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