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What’s the distinction between vitamin K1 vs. K2?

Most individuals have heard of vitamin Okay however don’t understand that there are two associated however distinct types of this vitamin, K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 is discovered in lots of meals, particularly greens but in addition in meats, dairy, and a few fruits. Some micro organism in our gastrointestinal tract additionally make K1 that we then take in. Vitamin K2, nevertheless, will not be present in very many meals. The primary sources of vitamin K2 are pasture-raised animal merchandise, some cheeses resembling gouda, edam, brie and jarlsberg, and sure fermented meals resembling sauerkraut, kefir, and natto (a Japanese meals made up of fermented soy). There can also be some contribution from intestine micro organism to create K2, however the science is inconclusive. Animal merchandise, nevertheless, additionally comprise giant quantities of ldl cholesterol and saturated fats, and may solely be eaten carefully.



The invention of vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 was initially found by a dentist Dr. Weston Value who studied the connection between vitamin and dental well being in varied cultures within the Nineteen Thirties. Dr. Value found that some teams with out the advantage of trendy conveniences resembling toothbrushes and toothpaste nonetheless had an absence of cavities in addition to sturdy jaws, wholesome cheeks and enamel, with out the necessity for braces. Dr. Weston attributed the findings to some aspect of their weight loss program, which has now been recognized as vitamin K2.

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Vitamin K2 deficiency – “multivitamins with k2”

Whereas vitamin K1 deficiency in adults is uncommon, suboptimal Vitamin K2 ranges have been discovered to be widespread, particularly in individuals over the age of 40. Along with helping vitamin K1 in activating blood clotting elements, vitamin K2 prompts a protein referred to as Matrix Gla-protein (MGP) that directs calcium into the bones and enamel moderately than blood vessels and different smooth tissues. In 2004, a big examine printed within the Journal of Diet positioned 4,807 individuals into three classes based mostly on their estimated vitamin K2 consumption from their weight loss program. In comparison with the group with the bottom consumption, the topics within the excessive consumption group had a 50% threat discount of coronary heart illness in addition to 25% lowered fee of demise from all causes. (1) One other examine, printed in Diet, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Ailments, demonstrated a 9% discount in coronary heart illness for each 10 micrograms of vitamin K2 consumption amongst a pattern measurement of 16,057 ladies. (2) Vitamin K1 had no impact.

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Vitamin K2 + vitamin D + calcium

Vitamin K2 (together with vitamin D) helps bone-building cells referred to as osteoblasts make a significant bone-building protein referred to as osteocalcin. K2 additionally helps rework the osteocalcin right into a type that is ready to seize calcium (in a type referred to as hydroxyapatite) and harden the bones. Most research regarding vitamin K2 and osteoporosis have proven to help bone high quality and discount in fracture threat particularly along side vitamin D(2).

Dr. Rheaume-Bleue creator of, Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Recognized Vitamin Might Save Your Life, emphasizes the significance of the connection between vitamin K2, vitamin D, and calcium. Rheaume-Bleue states that vitamin D supplementation creates extra vitamin K2-dependent proteins to maneuver calcium across the physique. With out the assistance of K2 these mechanisms don’t work correctly and will pose a hazard to 1’s well being. In different phrases, vitamin D and K2 work collectively to strengthen bones and enhance coronary heart well being, whereas K2 strikes calcium the place it must be (3).

Scientists are discovering that vitamin K2 performs a job in osteoporosis, vascular calcification, osteoarthritis, most cancers, and cognition (4). Whereas vitamin K2 use could also be new in the US, Japan has used this nutrient for greater than 15 years with out severe hostile results and is commonly the really useful normal of care (4,5). The advantages of bone safety from K2 are proving to be extraordinarily constructive when mixed with calcium and vitamin D. One examine exhibits that vitamin K2 and calcium helped keep bone density in osteoporotic sufferers, whereas sufferers taking calcium alone misplaced 2.5% of their lumbar bone density over a 24-month interval (4). As well as, the K2 therapy group had 65% fewer fractures. One other examine confirmed that the lifetime threat of a fracture is lowered by 25% with day by day supplementation of vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin K2 in sure doses. A scientific evaluate in Japanese sufferers found that vitamin K2 prevents fractures in vertebra by 60%, hip fractures by 77%, and nonvertebral fractures by 81%. Lastly, vitamin K2 has proven to be a key participant in bone mineralization and in addition promotes cell demise of osteoclasts (cells that eat bone) (5).

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Vitamin K2 From Vitamin Packs

Have you ever ever puzzled about the advantages of Vitamin K2? Right here’s a fast and simple breakdown of the well being advantages that Vitamin K2 presents the physique.


“multivitamins with k2”

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