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A vitamin is a sort of merchandise from the Pokémon video games. They’re used to spice up the stats, Energy Factors, or degree of a Coach’s Pokémon. Most nutritional vitamins are named after actual minerals and natural compounds necessary to bodily well being.

From Technology III onward, they’re often known as nutritious drinks (Japanese: 栄養ドリンク nutritious drinks), additionally being known as Pokémon drinks in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. They’re described as capability enhancers (Japanese: のうりょくをあげるアイテム attribute-raising gadgets) in Technology I and as stat enhancers (Japanese: のうりょくをあげるどうぐ attribute-raising instruments) in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Within the anime, they’re known as Pokémon vitamin drinks.





In all core sequence video games since Technology III, nutritional vitamins that have an effect on stats improve a Pokémon’s EVs for a given stat by 10 EV factors, however cannot improve the full EVs past a most of 510. Between Generations III and VII, nutritional vitamins may also don’t have any impact on a person stat that already has 100 or extra EVs. Previous to Technology III, effort values had been primarily based on a system of stat expertise and nutritional vitamins elevated a stat by 2560 EV factors, however may solely be used till the stat had 25600 EVs.

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The 2 PP-raising nutritional vitamins increase the utmost PP of one of many Pokémon’s strikes in increments of fifths of its base PP, as much as 8/5 of its base PP.

From Technology II onward, all nutritional vitamins additionally improve the friendship of Pokémon they’re used on.

Within the Thriller Dungeon sequence, nutritional vitamins completely improve one of many Stats of a Pokémon and are usually not topic to any limits because of the absence of the EV system in these video games.



All nutritional vitamins might be discovered on the bottom at varied areas.

PP Ups are offered in Cerulean Metropolis and on the Pokéathlon Dome. PP Ups are generally given as prizes within the Pokémon Lottery Nook. PP Maxes are usually not offered wherever.

All different nutritional vitamins are in the stores for 9800 (4900 at a sale) at Celadon Division Retailer and the Safari Zone Gate in Kanto, Goldenrod Division Retailer in Johto, Lilycove Division Retailer and Slateport market in Hoenn, Veilstone Division Retailer in Sinnoh, Procuring Mall 9 in Unova, and the Laverre Metropolis Poké Mart in Kalos; they’re in the stores for 10,000 on the Mount Hokulani Pokémon Heart. They might even be bought at Cerulean Metropolis in trade for Berry Powder. Nutritional vitamins can be bought at each the third and fourth technology Battle Frontiers, the Battle Subway, and the PWT for 1 BP every and from the Battle Maison for two BP every.

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As soon as the Grasp Dojo within the Isle of Armor has been upgraded, a merchandising machine will probably be out there that sells nutritional vitamins in bulk for a decrease per-item value. Nutritional vitamins might be bought in teams of 1 for 10,000 (common worth), 5 for 40,000 (8000 every), 10 for 70,000 (7000 every), or 25 for 125,000 (5000 every).


Kinds of nutritional vitamins


Paintings – “pokemon y calcium”

These are paintings of the gadgets as seen within the Pokémon Dream World.


In spin-off video games

Pokémon Thriller Dungeon sequence

Within the Pokémon Thriller Dungeon sequence, Protein, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc seem as kinds of well being drink. Carbos seems in Pokémon Tremendous Thriller Dungeon. Their results are primarily based on these of their core sequence counterparts.


Within the anime

Calcium debuted in The Pleasure of Pokémon. Nurse Pleasure gave a complete bottle of those tablets to a large Magikarp. Another unidentified nutritional vitamins additionally appeared within the episode.

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In The Clubsplosion Begins!, a full set of nutritional vitamins (excluding PP Up and PP Max) had been introduced to be the prize for successful the Clubsplosion, like how the set of wings was the prize for the Membership Battle. They had been finally gained by Stephan.


“pokemon y calcium”

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