Prenatal Vitamins Are They Necessary

In this article we will be discussing a very common question: prenatal vitamins are they necessary.

When Should You Take Prenatal Vitamins?

The birth defects prevented by folic acid happen within the first few weeks of pregnancy — before you even know you’re expecting. Don’t worry if you didn’t take prenatal vitamins before you got pregnant. When you get pregnant, ask your doctor which prenatal vitamin is best for you.

How Will Prenatal Vitamins Make You Feel?

Prenatal vitamins may make you queasy, especially if you already have bouts of nausea. To ease nausea: Try taking vitamins with food or before you go to sleep. For relief: Eat more fruits and vegetables because their fiber helps keep you regular.

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The obstetrician also said that he would likely continue recommending prenatal multivitamins to his patients.

Vitamins During Pregnancy

Nutrient deficiency can cause a range of conditions.
These include restricted foetal growth and the development of neural tube defects, as well as things like physical deformity and low birth weight. There have been some studies on vitamin supplementation during pregnancy.
Yes, they may contain vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. That’s all great – but they may not be necessary.

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