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Prenatal Vitamins Make Me Sick What Else Can I Take

We’re frequently asked in our comment section about: prenatal vitamins make me sick what else can i take. Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll have no doubts about this subject.

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The first trimester is when much of baby’s most crucial construction occurs — like the formation of the organs and critical systems, especially the nervous system and spine — but that early stage is also when morning (and afternoon, and evening … ) sickness rules supreme.

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Insurance Is All Well And Good, You May Be Thinking, But Do You Have To Suffer To Reap The Rewards?

Change When You Take Your Pill

Try taking your prenatal vitamin at the time of day when you’re least nauseated. Sure, it’s easy to get in the habit of taking vitamins first thing in the morning — right after the deodorant, right before brushing your teeth — but your body doesn’t care one way or another when the nutrients arrive. Many pills, including vitamins, induce less queasiness when accompanied by food, so try to eat something before you take them.
Without food to keep them busy, your stomach acids start to chew on you, a process that, not surprisingly, produces nausea. One high in vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) may quell the quease; ask your practitioner if he or she advises extra B6 supplements. Sometimes, over-the-counter formulas are better tolerated, or ask about slow-release supplements or chewables, which could provide some relief.
Also chat with your doctor about whether you need a prenatal multivitamin at all. Your nausea should abate within the next few weeks, and, with luck, you’ll be able to better tolerate those supplements.

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S: It’s not fun, to say the least.

So We Can Probably Agree That When Battling An Iffy Stomach While Pregnant, The Last Thing Someone Wants To Deal With Is A Prenatal Multivitamin That Makes Them Feel Worse, Right?

The good news is that there are certain things to look for in a prenatal multivitamin that might be able to offer some comfort—as well as some strategies that can at least help you manage stomach irritation throughout your pregnancy. *

But first: Here’s how multivitamins might be bothering the stomach in the first place. (Spoiler—the kind of multivitamin you choose matters.).

What Are Some Prenatal Vitamin Side Effects?

Ed Prenatal vitamins can help provide the building blocks — nutrients — your body needs to grow and develop a new little human, and keep you healthy. But even good, nourishing things can come with a few hiccups. Or maybe you’ve noticed other symptoms, like you’re always really itchy.
Here’s what to know about prenatal vitamins and side effects and what you can do about them.

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