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There’s a robust connection between histamine intolerance and the intestine. This lack of ability to cope with excessive histamine meals in my sufferers with intestine circumstances like SIBO, coeliac illness and IBS is one thing I see within the clinic each week.

In the present day we shall be overlaying the science behind histamine intolerance, the enzymes that assist to interrupt it down and why the intestine is such an essential participant in histamine intolerance.

In future articles I’ll discover the connection between intestine infections, irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, inflammatory bowel illness and mold/mycotoxin exposures inflicting or contributing to histamine intolerance. I will even be exploring herbs and vitamins to help histamine intolerance and stabalise mast cells. If ever you want a primer merely bookmark this text and pop again for a fast refresher.

Earlier than we dive into the main points let’s get the fundamentals out of the way in which

What Is Histamine?

Histamine was found again in 1910. Twenty-two years later, in 1932, it was proven to be a significant participant in anaphylactic reactions. As a biogenic amine, histamine is synthesised from the amino acid histidine by a lot of completely different payers within the physique together with mast cells, basophils, platelets, histaminergic neurons, and enterochromaffin cells (1).

Histamine performs a variety of roles within the physique (see picture beneath) together with

Clean muscle cell contraction


elevated vascular permeability

mucus secretion


alterations of blood stress


stimulates gastric acid secretion

nociceptive nerve fibers

Picture taken from: Histamine and histamine intolerance displaying all of the roles histamine performs within the physique.

How Is Histamine Damaged Down

In the present day we’re speaking about histamine intolerance.

The analogy I like to make use of for my sufferers is a bucket. I’m positive you’ve gotten heard this one earlier than but when not the outline could be useful.

For most individuals their consumption of upper histamine and histamine liberating meals isn’t an issue. Whereas they’re filling their bucket with histamine they haven’t any downside breaking it down and eliminating it – ie emptying the bucket.

For histamine illiberal individuals their capability to empty the bucket is impaired resulting in an overflow of histamine and the signs it causes.

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The science will get a contact extra difficult involving enzymes like diamine oxidase (DAO) and histamine-N-methyltransferase (HNMT) which might be concerned in breaking down histamine for elimination from the physique.

Which enzyme is used will depend on the place the histamine is within the physique.

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is saved within the epithelial cells that line our digestive tract and is liberated into circulation when prompted. It breaks down histamine outdoors of the cells and is principally made within the small gut and the ascending colon.

On the opposite facet of the coin histamine-N-methyltransferase (HNMT) breaks down histamine inside cells (1).

Picture taken from: Histamine and histamine intoleranceshowing the completely different enzymes that break down histamine.

Signs of Histamine Intolerance

The traditional signs that make me suppose a affected person is combating a histamine overload is a persistent headache above their eyes, sinus congestion, an lack of ability to breathe via their nostril (swollen turbinates), darkish luggage underneath their eyes, pores and skin rashes and ongoing sneezing.

Picture taken from: Histamine Intolerance: The Present State of the Artwork

Once we have a look at the analysis we will see these and a lot of different doable signs together with (1)

Painful intervals

Decreased muscle tone




Bronchial asthma

Causes of Histamine Intolerance

Now we’re attending to the essential bits.

To maintain it easy histamine intolerance is brought on by both an elevated consumption or availability of histamine or impaired histamine breakdown. It is very important do not forget that this isn’t an both or situation. Each could be taking part in a job in your histamine intolerance points.

This may very well be so simple as overindulging in excessive histamine meals like sauerkraut with each meal or it may very well be barely extra advanced involving a downregulation in enzymes (DAO and HNMT) that break down histamine. Regularly I see each an elevated consumption and poor histamine breakdown as drivers in my affected person’s signs.

Picture taken from: Histamine, histamine intoxication and intolerance

Histamine Intolerance and the Intestine

At first the connection between histamine intolerance or overload and digestive points may appear obscure. Once we dive a bit deeper it’s apparent.

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First histamine overload is related to a lot of digestive upset signs together with

Diffuse abdomen ache




Pair that with the raised histamine ranges and low diamine oxidase enzyme (the intestine derived enzyme that breaks down histamine) in a variety of digestive issues like Crohn’s illness, ulcerative colitis, allergic enteropathy, meals allergy, and colorectal most cancers (1) and you may see why it’s so generally seen within the Byron Herbalist clinic.

Among the much less apparent signs of histamine on the digestive tract embrace (2)



Heartburn and reflux

Histamine Degrading Enzymes and the Intestine

So we’ve lined the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) which is principally produced within the small gut within the intestinal villi (3).

It ought to come as no shock that histamine intolerance is widespread in circumstances the place the villi is broken and DAO is just not being generated in abundance. If the villi are the place the enzyme is made they usually have been broken then much less of the enzyme shall be made.

A small examine discovered that sufferers that discovered profit from a low-histamine weight-reduction plan had low ranges of DAO and that, as soon as supplemented, this enzyme improved their signs (4).

I take into consideration DAO because the frontline defence in opposition to excessive histamine meals. It catches and breaks down this biogenic amine earlier than it makes it into systemic circulation.

An attention-grabbing level right here is {that a} low histamine weight-reduction plan in histamine illiberal sufferers really raised suboptimal ranges of DAO displaying that avoiding histamine not solely improves signs, it could actually deal with one of many root causes as nicely (5).

However low DAO is only one a part of the advanced puzzle concerned in histamine intolerance and the intestine.

Histamine N-methyltransferase is the second enzyme we’ve lined. This explicit enzyme is liable for histamine breakdown within the cells. As you will have guessed, methylation is on the core of how this enzyme features utilizing a methyl donor from SAMe to interrupt down histamine (6).

Don’t fear this gained’t find yourself in a deep dive into methylation however you will need to choose this out, particularly if you realize you’re a poor methylator and are affected by histamine intolerance with no identified root trigger.

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The Intestine Stability and Histamine Intolerance

I’m not speaking about probiotics right here. I feel we’re ages away from singling out one explicit probiotic pressure and saying it’s a histamine producer so ought to be averted in histamine illiberal sufferers.

Even when one probiotic has been proven to supply histamine the web enhancements within the digestive tract (antimicrobial motion, intestine therapeutic, mucous producing, immune system firming, the checklist goes on) prevents me from considering of them as contraindicated in each histamine illiberal affected person.

As an alternative, I wished to discover the steadiness of the intestine microbiota in histamine illiberal individuals.

One attention-grabbing examine discovered that histamine illiberal sufferers had elevated ranges of zonulin, a marker of leaky intestine discovered that may be examined for with The Full Microbiome Mapping check. In addition they discovered elevated ranges of Proteobacteria, a pro-inflammatory and less-than-friendly group of micro organism, and lowered variety (a significant marker of imbalance). Lastly they discovered low ranges of Bifidobacteria in histamine illiberal individuals in comparison with wholesome controls (7).

What to Do About Histamine Intolerance

I’ve a psychological guidelines for sufferers coming to see me with digestive points. Histamine intolerance is all the time close to the highest of that checklist and is essential to rule out by signs, lab testing and eventually, if indicated a low histamine weight-reduction plan for 2-4 weeks.

With most diets I’m fairly versatile and suppose there may be room for the 80:20 rule (80% of the time you could be strict, 20% of the time you could be barely extra relaxed). When utilizing the low histamine weight-reduction plan as a option to check for histamine intolerance you will need to be strictly low histamine. Now you’ll by no means get to no histamine however you will need to give it a great effort so we will inform whether or not histamine is a contributing think about your signs.

That’s all from me for now. In future articles we’ll be diving into the nitty gritty of natural drugs for histamine intolerance, completely different circumstances related to histamine intolerance. Who is aware of I would even put collectively a low histamine workbook and weight-reduction plan.

Now over to you. Do you wrestle with histamine? Let me know within the feedback beneath what helped!

References and Sources

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