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If I needed to offer you a sure or no reply, I’d say that no, vegan protein powder doesn’t trigger kidney stones, particularly for many vegan powders.

To be as temporary as doable, I’ve solely targeted on the elements probably associated to vegan protein powders. So there’s so much glossed over out of necessity.

If you happen to’re on this matter due to severe kidney stone points that you simply’ve had up to now, be sensible and discuss this with a physician. I’m not a medical skilled, only a man that enjoys doing analysis and tries to interrupt it down as merely as doable.


Kidney Stones 101: The 4 Foremost Varieties

A kidney stone is a stable mass that may be excreted from the kidney – that’s not purported to occur. It usually implies that there’s inadequate liquid, or that your physique isn’t utilizing the solids because it’s purported to (assume absorbing minerals like calcium).

However the stone itself may be product of a wide range of materials, and in numerous combos.

Usually, there are 4 fundamental forms of kidney stones:

Relating to vegan protein powder and kidney stones, we care most about calcium stones (particularly calcium-oxalate stones), and uric acid stones.


What Causes Kidney Stones?

Throughout the several types of kidney stones, there are a number of completely different causes, together with (1):

We’re solely fascinated by 1 right here – dietary.

Then we will break it down additional, as a result of there are 6 fundamental facets of the eating regimen that may have an effect on kidney stone formation:

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Once we take into consideration protein powder, most of these don’t apply. Hydration, calcium, sodium, and excessive weight-reduction plan are all separate facets.


How Does Protein Consumption Have an effect on Kidney Stone Formation?

What we do know is that prime protein diets improve the chance of kidney stones.

Many related research have been executed, that present related outcomes. Topics (often inactive) usually improve their protein consumption about 100% (e.g. from 90 to 180 grams per day) whereas lowering carbohydrate consumption. It doesn’t essentially apply to athletes, however it’s a concern.

The query is why does a excessive protein eating regimen trigger an elevated danger of kidney stones?

The analysis factors in the direction of acid-base load (3).

Normally, animal proteins are composed of amino acids which can be later damaged down into acids, whereas plant proteins are damaged down into bases (the other of acidic).

We all know that uric acid kidney stones want a excessive uric acid focus, together with acidic urine with the intention to type (4).

Not solely are acidic circumstances a standard kidney stone formation requirement, however a excessive acid load is troublesome for kidney’s to deal with, which may impede their performance.

Are You Saying That Animal Protein Causes Kidney Stones?

“But I’ve eaten animal proteins all my life and never got kidney stones.”

You is likely to be saying one thing like that.

Remember the fact that the problems solely seem in excessive protein diets. At low-medium quantities of protein, the science exhibits that there is no such thing as a important danger distinction between plant and animal protein sources (5).

Except you’re consuming a ton of protein over a protracted time frame, most individuals won’t ever have a difficulty.

Can Ingesting Too Many Protein Shakes Trigger Kidney Stones?

If you happen to’re consuming an especially excessive quantity of protein, you could possibly nonetheless be prone to kidney stones (the science isn’t clear on the subject of plant proteins right here). Nevertheless, you’re doubtless at a decrease danger than for those who had been supplementing whey protein.

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If you happen to’re consuming an inexpensive quantity of protein both manner, you received’t have an elevated danger of kidney stone formation.


How Does Oxalate Consumption Have an effect on Kidney Stones?

Oxalate is present in numerous completely different meals.

It’s additionally present in calcium-oxalate kidney stones. If there may be an excessive amount of oxalate in a kidney, together with different circumstances (like low quantities of liquid), it will probably type stones with calcium.

Oxalate may intrude with the absorption of calcium (6).

That is the massive motive that persons are typically skeptical of vegan protein powders.

Why? As a result of sure plant meals are actually excessive in oxalate. Spinach, beets, and candy potatoes to call a number of.

Is Oxalate Consumption A Main Concern For Vegans?

A research from the Harvard College of Public Well being discovered that individuals who ate plant based mostly diets truly had a decrease probability of kidney stone formation than others (9).

The analysis usually exhibits that until your complete oxalate consumption is bigger than 300mg, and you’ve got an inexpensive calcium consumption, you’re not at a better danger of kidney stone formation. That being mentioned, medical doctors usually advocate that these with a historical past of kidney stones intention for a decrease quantity (often 50 to 100mg max).

Both manner, you’re most likely not getting that from vegan protein powder alone, so long as you’re not having a number of (actually) servings per day.

Oxalate Content material in Vegan Protein Powder

The following query for us is what’s vegan protein principally product of?

So now we have a little bit of a mixture. There’s undoubtedly a major quantity of oxalate in most plant-based protein powders, however it’s hardly ever tremendous excessive.

A typical serving measurement (one scoop) is round 30 grams. Even when it consisted of pure hemp protein, that might solely be about 22mg of oxalate. That is assuming the oxalate content material of hemp protein is much like the oxalate content material of hemp seeds (73.6 mg/100g).

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Realistically, it’s a lot decrease, since pea protein has even much less oxalate in it, and is the primary part in virtually all vegan protein powders.

Based mostly on that, I really feel it’s cheap to conclude that in case your oxalate consumption is inflicting you well being issues (which is admittedly may), it’s not from the quantity in a protein shake or two a day. If you happen to’d wish to see the oxalate content material of extra meals, listed below are 2 good guides:

Oxalate and veganism is an advanced topic, and manner exterior the scope of this publish. If you happen to’re fascinated by extra, it is a fairly properly written and cited information.


Conclusion: Vegan Protein Powder Doubtless Doesn’t Have an effect on Kidney Stone Danger – “protein shakes kidney stones”

Let me attempt to sum up what we went over, as a result of it was so much:

Backside line: If you happen to’re consuming an inexpensive quantity of protein, having a portion of that come from vegan protein shakes received’t considerably improve your danger of kidney stone formation.

In truth, proof appears to recommend that vegans normally have decrease danger of kidney stones if something.

Once more, I’m not a medical skilled of any variety, only a vegan who likes to analysis matters like this. If you happen to’ve had actual kidney stone points up to now and are apprehensive about utilizing vegan protein powder, speak to an precise physician.

If you happen to’re fascinated by discovering a very good vegan protein powder at this level, check out our information to the highest plant-based protein powders.


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