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protein synthesis begins with translation

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Genetic code


The genetic code

Cease codons (UAA, UGA, UAG): U Are Away, U Go Away, and U Are Gone.

Begin codon: AUG AUthorizes Progress.


tRNA charging – “protein synthesis begins with translation”


Translation course of


Ribosome binding websites

Eukaryotes have Even-numbered ribosomal subunits (40S + 60S → 80S). PrOkaryotes have Odd-numbered ribosomal subunits (30S + 50S → 70S).

For binding websites, consider a Rising APE celebration: • Rising = GTP because the vitality supply • A website: Arrival with Aminoacyl-tRNA • P website: celebration of Peptides • E website: celebration Ends and is Empty;tRNA Exits

“protein synthesis begins with translation”

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