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protein yogurt recipe

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Preview: Do you know you may nearly double the protein in do-it-yourself yogurt by straining it? Get your questions answered right here about yogurt, whey, and protein.

Are you seeking to eat extra protein? For those who wish to make your individual yogurt, you may virtually double the protein content material by straining it (aka Greek yogurt). Discover out why this course of pumps up the protein numbers and makes your yogurt extra satisfying.

For those who favor so as to add protein to your yogurt, skip to the final part for some concepts you could not have considered earlier than.

Some time again, I acquired the next query from a reader:

“If Greek yogurt is plain yogurt with the whey removed and whey is 100% protein, then why is Greek yogurt higher in protein than plain yogurt?”

Answering this query despatched me down an eye-opening path. I’m excited to share my findings with you, my favourite yogurt makers and yogurt lovers.

The commenter seems confused concerning the various kinds of whey. Not unusual! Whey is the key to growing the protein, however not in the best way this reader is pondering.

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The professionals and cons of consuming numerous protein aren’t the themes of this publish. You may learn extra about the advantages or causes to eat extra protein right here.


Incessantly Requested Questions About Yogurt Whey

Candy whey is a by-product of creating cheese, not yogurt. It accommodates significantly extra protein than yogurt whey.

Yogurt whey lands within the class of acid whey. Once you open a jar of yogurt that has been sitting for some time, the clear liquid you see on prime is “acid” whey.

Once you drain the liquid off common yogurt to make Greek yogurt, whey is the liquid you will note within the bowl.

The best definition of Greek yogurt is common yogurt with a lot of the whey eliminated.

Opposite to the commenter’s assertion, yogurt whey isn’t 100% protein. Actually, based on The Calorie Counter, yogurt whey (liquid acid whey strained from yogurt) accommodates 1.9 g of protein per 1 cup serving.

Not satisfied?

Attempt to make ricotta cheese from yogurt whey as a substitute of cheese whey. There’s not almost sufficient protein left in yogurt whey to make a lot ricotta cheese.

LOTS of milk (additional protein) have to be added.

That’s the reason ricotta cheese is commercially produced from candy whey and never from yogurt whey.

2. What are the dietary numbers of yogurt and whey as they relate to protein content material?

(I’m no mathematician. Many because of “Alexa” for serving to me with the mathematics.)

Begin with 8.5 grams of protein per 1 cup of normal full-fat yogurt per The Calorie Counter. Pressure it.

For the sake of straightforward numbers, let says you scale back the solids by half (50%) when straining the yogurt.

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This might end in a half-cup of whey and a half-cup of Greek yogurt. 1 cup of whey accommodates 1.9 grams protein, based on The Calorie Counter. Accordingly, a half-cup of whey would include .95 grams of protein.

That leaves 7.5 grams protein in a half-cup (4 oz) of strained yogurt.

Double 7.5 grams for one cup of strained (Greek) yogurt. By my calculation, you get 15 grams of protein in 1 cup of Greek yogurt.

3. Does Greek yogurt or common yogurt include extra protein?

Greek yogurt accommodates extra protein than common yogurt.

With concentrated yogurt (Greek yogurt), the protein content material will increase. Solely a small a part of the protein leaves when the whey separates from the unique yogurt.

Give it some thought this fashion…

Place a contemporary, candy plum within the solar. Some water however little sugar can be misplaced within the transformation to a raisin.

Outcome? Raisins are sweeter than grapes. Why? As a result of the comparatively identical quantity of sugar occupies a smaller mass.

Likewise, straining yogurt causes it to lose numerous whey however little protein. Many of the protein is now compressed right into a smaller quantity of yogurt that we name Greek yogurt.

4. Are the numbers completely different if you happen to make your individual yogurt?

For those who make do-it-yourself Greek yogurt as I do, the numbers will fluctuate from batch to batch. A variable quantity of whey is strained off with every batch. The extra you pressure, the upper the protein.

5. What are the advantages of straining yogurt?

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Much less sugar. Much less lactose. Creamier texture. Extra filling and satisfying. And naturally, extra protein.

Please discover I didn’t say “fewer calories.” The calorie rely is determined by the fats content material of the unique milk used to make the yogurt.

Greek yogurt produced from fat-free milk can be decrease in energy than common yogurt produced from fat-free milk. A majority of the sugar leaves with the whey. (This assumes you haven’t added any type of sugar or different add-ins.)

Straining Greek yogurt produced from entire milk will focus the fats as whey accommodates negligible fats. Nonetheless, it’s creamier and extra satisfying and debatably much less bitter.

6. Now that I’ve strained my yogurt, is it OK to drink the whey?

Yogurt whey is secure to drink. Since it’s “acid whey,” the style is on the bitter facet. It’s an acquired style I’ve but to amass.

7. Straining looks like extra hassle than I’m up for. Some other concepts?

REMINDER: These concepts will even add energy. Proceed with data.


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Whether or not you make it your self or purchase it from the shop, Greek yogurt is a scrumptious method to enhance your protein consumption.

Disclaimer: As a part of my Residence Economics diploma, I’ve had formal coaching in vitamin, however I’m not a registered dietitian.

“protein yogurt recipe”

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