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proteinuria reversible

Behdad Afzali, Edward Kingdon, Stephen G. Holt, Therapy of unilateral obstruction reversing heavy and bilateral proteinuria, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, Quantity 20, Situation 1, January 2005, Pages 210–212,



Proteinuria is a typical discovering in being pregnant and often attributable to physiological adjustments that concurrently cut back serum albumin by 5–10 g/l. Urinary protein loss not often exceeds 0.4 g/day, however nephrotic ranges happen in as much as 0.025% of all pregnancies [1], even within the absence of options of pre-eclampsia [2] or renal impairment. Many sufferers with pregnancy-associated proteinuria will remit spontaneously and could also be managed conservatively with out renal biopsy. Non-specific glomerular lesions could also be seen in affiliation with pre-eclampsia [3]. Major glomerular illness, diabetes and renal vein thrombosis can also produce nephrotic ranges of proteinuria in being pregnant. Pre-existing renal illness predisposes topics to develop hypertension and additional accelerated renal decline in being pregnant and these could also be accompanied by a rise in urinary protein [4].

We current an uncommon case the place nephrotic syndrome was related to unilateral ureteric obstruction.



A 29-year-old nulliparous girl of Asian origin was referred to the renal service at 26 weeks of being pregnant with proteinuria (4.5 g/24 h) and ankle swelling. At presentation she was asymptomatic and her solely previous medical historical past was of beta-thalassaemia trait. She was normotensive (110/64 mmHg), intravascular quantity replete and had gentle bilateral pedal oedema. The rest of the bodily examination was non-contributory. Serum creatinine (42 µmol) was regular, however the serum albumin was diminished (24 g/l). Dipstick urinalysis at reserving had been regular. Serological exams for antinuclear antibody, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, double-stranded DNA, hepatitis B and C, HIV serology and urate ranges had been all unfavourable or regular. A renal ultrasound revealed the presence of gross right-sided hydronephrosis with cortical thinning, suggestive of long-standing pelvi-ureteric junction (PUJ) obstruction. Protein permselectively index was 0.21 (comparatively unselective) and, thus, we felt that this was unlikely to be a because of minimal change glomerulonephritis and almost certainly associated to her obstructed kidney [5]. She was managed conservatively. At 37 weeks’ gestation the protein leak had elevated to eight.5 g/24 h, serum albumin had fallen to 17 g/l and she or he was changing into more and more oedematous. A wholesome child was delivered by regular vaginal supply after induction of labour at 37 weeks.

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Her protein leak didn’t settle even at 6 months after completion of her being pregnant and the continuing protein leak prompted dynamic and static renography with 99mTc-mercaptoacetyl – glycylglycylglycine (MAG3) and 99mTc-dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) scans, respectively. These demonstrated an obstructed proper kidney with a PUJ narrowing, however, surprisingly, 46% of complete perform was attributable to the appropriate kidney. She subsequently underwent cystoscopy and selective ureteric sampling revealed that the protein leak was bilateral (left kidney: 0.7 g/l; proper kidney: 2 g/l).

A laparoscopic pyeloplasty was carried out on the appropriate kidney at 16 months post-partum. Previous to the process her urinary proteinuria to creatinine ratio was 11.4 mg/mg and 24 h protein leak was measured individually at 6.08 g, indicative of ongoing heavy proteinuria. One month later, her protein leak had decreased remarkably to 0.4 g/24 h and protein creatinine ratio was 0.6 mg/mg. Her serum albumin returned to regular and has remained so. She grew to become pregnant once more and all through this being pregnant confirmed no signal of accelerating proteinuria. One week previous to supply her urine protein creatinine ratio was 0.3 mg/mg.



We’ve described a affected person who introduced with nephrotic syndrome within the second trimester in affiliation with unilateral PUJ obstruction. Protein leak was documented from each the obstructed and unobstructed kidneys, which didn’t resolve spontaneously after supply. Nonetheless, remission occurred after a laparoscopic pyeloplasty.

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Each tubular and glomerular proteinuria might accompany ureteric obstruction [5]. On this context nephrotic syndrome is uncommon and proteinuria is often restricted to the obstructed kidney [6]. Obstruction could also be related to lack of nephron mass and hyperfiltration within the remaining nephrons. A rise in urinary protein excretion happens in ∼25% of youngsters after unilateral nephrectomy [7] and it’s probably that that is secondary to hyperfiltration. This impact is noticed in animal fashions of diminished nephron mass [8] and will result in the event of focal glomerulosclerosis [9]. In our case the obstruction was reversible and never related to asymmetry of renal perform at dynamic renography or an irregular creatinine.

On this case, there have been no signs of systemic illness, pregnancy-associated hypertension or renal impairment and all serological exams had been unfavourable. The dynamic renography successfully excluded hyperfiltration within the contralateral kidney. Selective sampling of the ureters demonstrated that the protein was derived from each kidneys. The excessive protein selectivity argues in opposition to the presence of minimal change illness. Furthermore, the entire reversal of nephrotic vary proteinuria by remedy of the unilateral obstruction, within the absence of another remedy, is strongly suggestive that the obstruction itself was the reason for the proteinuria from each side.

In animal fashions, unilateral will increase in strain inside the renal pelvis, as in conditions of PUJ obstruction, have been demonstrated to lead to a strain rise [10], diuresis and naturesis from the contralateral kidney. Neurological mechanisms could also be accountable for this ‘reno-renal reflex’, as denervation of an intact kidney results in diminished saluresis from the contralateral facet [11] with out discount in renal blood move or glomerular filtration fee [12].

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We postulate two theoretical mechanisms that may account for the observations in our affected person. A reno-renal reflex from the elevated strain inside the appropriate renal pelvis might need altered the properties of the left kidney, making it prone to protein leak. Nonetheless, these responses aren’t uniform throughout species [13,14] and haven’t beforehand been described in people. Moreover, there isn’t a proof as but that obstruction may cause contralateral proteinuria on account of a reno-renal reflex.

The second chance is the presence of some circulating issue that will have been derived from the obstructed kidney and that would have modified the permeability of the glomerulus or microrheology in each kidneys. The dearth of proteinuria previous to being pregnant and failure of proteinuria to resolve following supply factors to the lady’s being pregnant as a attainable catalyst to the evolution of this drawback. It’s attainable that obstruction would possibly unveil cryptic epitopes and an antibody response to epithelial epitopes following unilateral obstruction has been noticed beforehand [15]. The dangers of biopsy on this affected person, who had neither hypertension nor deteriorating renal perform, had been felt to be prohibitive throughout pregancy. The spontaneous decision of the protein leak after PUJ surgical procedure rendered this process pointless, so we wouldn’t have a histological analysis. An opportunity temporal affiliation of the PUJ surgical procedure and spontaneous remission of a major glomerular pathology would possibly clarify our observations. Nonetheless, we wish to speculate {that a} soluble issue produced by the obstructed kidney mediated the bilateral protein leak.

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