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Magnesium is the second most considerable intracellular cation and the fourth most considerable cation within the physique. Magnesium performs a vital physiological function in lots of capabilities of the physique (Desk 1).1 This function is achieved by two essential properties of magnesium; the flexibility to kind chelates with essential intracellular anionic-ligands, particularly ATP, and its means to compete with calcium for binding websites on proteins and membranes.2 Magnesium is important for the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, for middleman metabolism and for particular actions in several organs such because the neuromuscular and cardiovascular techniques. Over 300 enzymes are depending on magnesium. The Km for magnesium of many of those enzymes is close to the intracellular free magnesium focus. Magnesium influences the exercise of enzymes by (i) binding to ligands comparable to ATP in ATP-requiring enzymes, (ii) binding to the energetic web site of the enzyme, eg. enolase, pyruvate kinase, pyrophosphatase, (iii) inflicting a conformational change through the catalytic course of, eg. Na+,Ok+-ATPase, (iv) selling the aggregation of multi-enzyme complexes eg. aldehyde dehydrogenase, or (v) a mix of the above mechanisms, eg. F1-ATPase.2

By competing with calcium for membrane binding websites and by stimulating calcium sequestration by sarcoplasmic reticulum, magnesium helps to take care of a low resting intracellular free calcium ion focus which is essential in lots of mobile capabilities. {The electrical} properties of membranes and their permeability traits are additionally affected by magnesium.

Magnesium has essential results on the cardiovascular system. It impacts myocardial contractility by influencing the intracellular calcium focus and {the electrical} exercise of myocardial cells and the specialised conducting system of the guts by its means to affect motion of ions comparable to sodium, potassium and calcium throughout the sarcolemmal membrane.3 Magnesium may have an effect on the vascular clean muscle tone. Magnesium has a key function in lots of different essential organic processes comparable to mobile power metabolism, cell replication, and protein synthesis.3


Magnesium Metabolism


Evaluation of Magnesium Standing

At current, there isn’t a easy, fast and correct laboratory take a look at to point the entire physique magnesium standing. Probably the most generally used technique for assessing magnesium standing is the serum magnesium focus. Different strategies accessible for assessing magnesium standing are listed in Desk 4.

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Serum whole magnesium could be measured by quite a lot of strategies.4,17 Serum is preferable to plasma because the anticoagulant could possibly be contaminated with magnesium or have an effect on the assay. For example, citrate binds not solely calcium but additionally magnesium and impacts fluorometric and colorimetric procedures. Haemolysis, bilirubin, lipaemia, excessive phosphate focus and delay in separating serum can have an effect on the measurement.18 In adults serum magnesium focus isn’t influenced by intercourse or age besides within the very aged the place it could be barely larger.18 Serum magnesium focus will increase after a brief interval of maximal train however decreases after endurance workouts.18 It’s decrease through the third trimester of being pregnant and is larger in topics on a vegetarian food plan.18,19 Intra-individual variation in serum magnesium ranges between 3.4% and 4.7%.20

The full serum magnesium focus isn’t one of the best technique to judge magnesium standing as adjustments in serum protein concentrations might have an effect on the entire focus with out essentially affecting the ionised fraction or whole physique magnesium standing. The correlation between serum whole magnesium and whole physique magnesium standing is poor.4,21

Measurement of ultrafiltrable magnesium could also be extra significant than the entire magnesium as it’s more likely to mirror ionised magnesium focus, however strategies should not accessible for routine use.

In the previous few years, ion selective electrodes for magnesium have been developed and a number of other business analysers at the moment are accessible for the measurement of ionised magnesium focus.3,4 Measurement of ionised magnesium has been discovered to be helpful in a number of medical conditions.3,4 Nonetheless, outcomes from completely different devices don’t agree because the electrodes should not fully selective for ionised magnesium focus and a correction is utilized primarily based on the ionised calcium focus.4

Purple cell magnesium focus could be decided simply however doesn’t appear to correlate effectively with whole physique magnesium standing or with different measures of magnesium standing.22 The magnesium content material of mononuclear cells could also be a greater predictor of skeletal and cardiac muscle magnesium content material. Nonetheless, this technique is technically tougher and intraindividual variation is excessive at about 12–22%.23 As muscle incorporates almost 30% of the entire physique magnesium it’s an acceptable tissue for the evaluation of magnesium standing and research in sufferers present process coronary heart surgical procedure confirmed that skeletal muscle magnesium was a greater predictor of coronary heart magnesium than lymphocyte or serum magnesium focus.24 Nonetheless, that is an invasive and costly process requiring particular experience.

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Within the regular state, a 24-hour urine excretion of magnesium displays intestinal absorption and can be of worth in figuring out whether or not magnesium losing is happening by the renal route. Within the presence of hypomagnesaemia, magnesium excretion > 1 mmol/day is suggestive of renal magnesium losing. Then again, magnesium excretion < 0.5 mmol/day is suggestive of magnesium deficiency.10 The magnesium tolerance take a look at has been used for a few years and it seems to be an correct technique of assessing magnesium standing. On this take a look at, the share of magnesium retained after parenteral administration of magnesium is set. The share of magnesium retained is elevated in magnesium deficiency and is inversely correlated with the focus of magnesium in bone.25 In a examine of 23 wholesome topics, 13 hypomagnesaemic sufferers and 24 normomagnesaemic sufferers at excessive danger of magnesium deficiency, the share retention was 14±4% (imply ± SEM) in normals, 85±3% in hypomagnesaemic sufferers and 51±5% in sufferers susceptible to creating magnesium deficiency. These information counsel that this take a look at is a really delicate technique to detect magnesium deficiency.9,11 The take a look at, nevertheless, is determined by regular renal perform and is of restricted worth in sufferers with renal magnesium loss. Intracellular free magnesium focus could be decided utilizing fluorescent probes comparable to fura-2 or by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).4 Magnesium stability research and research utilizing isotopes of magnesium are primarily utilized in analysis. Hair and tooth have additionally been used to evaluate magnesium standing. Activation of enzymes comparable to creatine kinase and alkaline phosphatase by magnesium has additionally been examined as a measure of magnesium standing. In experimental research, nevertheless, it was not proven to be nearly as good as serum or crimson cell magnesium focus.26

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In abstract, no single technique is passable to evaluate magnesium standing. The best, most helpful and available checks are the measurement of serum whole magnesium and the magnesium tolerance take a look at.3,4 Ionised magnesium measurement might change into extra available with the event of dependable analysers.  

Magnesium Deficiency and Hypomagnesaemia – “r magnesium”

The phrases hypomagnesaemia and magnesium deficiency are generally used interchangeably. Nonetheless, whole physique magnesium depletion could be current with regular serum magnesium concentrations and there could be important hypomagnesaemia with out whole physique deficit.

Hypomagnesaemia is extra prevalent than beforehand appreciated.11 Prevalence of hypomagnesaemia varies from 7% to 11% in hospital sufferers.27,28,29 In sufferers with different electrolyte abnormalities hypomagnesaemia is extra frequent, 40% in hypokalaemic sufferers, 30% in hypophosphataemic sufferers, 23% in hyponatraemic sufferers and 22–32% in hypocalcaemia sufferers.27,30,31 The prevalence of hypomagnesaemia in critically ailing sufferers is even larger, starting from 20% to 65%.3,32,33 Hypomagnesaemia in intensive care sufferers is related to elevated mortality.34

Hypomagnesaemia is ceaselessly undetected. Measurement of serum magnesium focus in 1,000 samples acquired for electrolyte willpower confirmed that solely 10% of the hypomagnesaemic sufferers had magnesium requested.35 Thus it has been recommended that magnesium needs to be decided routinely in all acutely ailing sufferers particularly in these with circumstances, illnesses or remedy that will predispose to magnesium deficiency.36



Prevalence of Hypermagnesaemia varies from 5.7% to 9.3%.35,104 The very best serum magnesium concentrations reported to date are 18 mmol/L in a 33 week outdated untimely toddler and 13.4 mmol/L in a 78 12 months outdated lady who swallowed water from the Lifeless Sea.104,105 Extreme hypermagnesaemia in truth appears to be a characteristic in sufferers who drown within the Lifeless Sea.105



Problems of magnesium metabolism are frequent in hospital sufferers and are ceaselessly unrecognised. Low magnesium consumption could also be a contributor to many illnesses together with diabetes, heart problems and osteoporosis. Frequent issues of hypomagnesaemia embrace cardiac arrhythmias, and hypocalcaemia. Hypermagnesaemia, although much less frequent, can even result in cardiovascular and neuromuscular manifestations. Early recognition of disordered magnesium metabolism and correction of the electrolyte imbalance is important to keep away from these issues.


“r magnesium”

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