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sources of vitamin b2

This can be a reader-friendly overview of Riboflavin. For extra particulars, see our well being skilled reality sheet on Riboflavin.





What’s riboflavin and what does it do?

Riboflavin (additionally known as vitamin B2) is essential for the expansion, improvement, and performance of the cells in your physique. It additionally helps flip the meals you eat into the power you want.


How a lot riboflavin do I want?

The quantity of riboflavin you want relies on your age and intercourse. Common each day advisable quantities are listed under in milligrams (mg).


What meals present riboflavin? – “sources of vitamin b2”

Riboflavin is discovered naturally in some meals and is added to many fortified meals. You may get advisable quantities of riboflavin by consuming a wide range of meals, together with the next:

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What sorts of riboflavin dietary dietary supplements can be found?

Riboflavin is present in multivitamin/multimineral dietary supplements, in B-complex dietary dietary supplements, and in dietary supplements containing solely riboflavin. Some dietary supplements have rather more than the advisable quantities of riboflavin, however your physique can’t soak up greater than about 27 mg at a time.


Am I getting sufficient riboflavin?

Most individuals in the USA get sufficient riboflavin from the meals they eat and deficiencies are very uncommon. Nevertheless, sure teams of persons are extra possible than others to have bother getting sufficient riboflavin:


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