Vitamin And Minerals Deficiency Diseases

This blog post will walk you through: vitamin and minerals deficiency diseases.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamins which are soluble in fat and oils but insoluble in water are kept in this group.

What Is A Mineral Deficiency?

Specific needs are outlined in recommended daily allowances (RDA).

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What Are Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies?

If You Are Not Absorbing Enough Vitamins Or Minerals, You May Be Low On The Following:

Fat Soluble Vitamins, Including D, K, A And E

Water Soluble Ones, Including C And B (1- Thiamin, 12 And Folate)

Minerals, Including Selenium, Zinc, Copper, And Iron

Vitamin Deficiencies Vitamin A Visual And Skin Changes Vitamin B12 Anemia Vitamin D Bone Abnormalities Vitamin E Neurological Problems Vitamin K Blood Clotting Problems Iron Anemia

Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine

How Will My Doctor Know If I Have Nutritional Deficiencies?

Based on your symptoms, your doctor may suspect you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. He or she will order a blood test to confirm. They can be caused by not taking your supplements, or other reasons.
Our weight loss specialists will examine your diet carefully to try to determine why you are having vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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