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Their has been lot of confusion with the coding of B12 injection. This has occurred as a result of many coders are usually not conscious of use HCPCS codes. Every CPT or HCPCS code has explicit guideline and coder ought to all the time comply with these tips. If you don’t comply with tips then your coded process is likely to be not paid or denied by the payer. Identical occurs with the cpt code for b12 injection procedures.

Let use first know concerning the precise HCPCS code used for coding B12 injection.

J3420  Injection, vitamin b-12 cyanocobalamin, as much as 1000 mcg


Issues to recollect whereas coding J3420 CPT code for B12 injection

Vitamin B 12 is important for the formation of pink blood cells and is used within the therapy of illnesses in which there’s faulty pink cell formation.

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Vitamin B12 administration by injection is a coated profit accepted as medically needed when the beneficiary has a historical past of a low serum B12 or situations inflicting or brought on by a low serum B12.

As well as, vitamin B12 can be thought-about medically needed when administered as an adjunct to Alimta® or Folotyn™ therapy as follows:

Vitamin B12 injections (J3420) used to strengthen tendons, ligaments, and many others. of the foot are thought-about investigational and are due to this fact noncovered.

Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections ought to be reported with code 90772 along with the code that identifies the medicine injected. Vitamin B12 ought to be reported with code J3420, which represents as much as 1,000 mcg per unit.

Now, it is rather vital to examine the payer tips earlier than billing mutiple B12 injection. Some payer might not settle for greater than 1 injection in a month of B12, except a verified medical documentation.

Additionally, CPT code 96372 may be sufficient for administration of medication and consists of the injection of medication for some payers. Therefore watch out with the cost of CPT code for b12 injection.

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96372 –Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify substance or drug); subcutaneous or intramuscular

Additionally, their are some supported prognosis that are solely paid for CPT code of B12 injection. Therefore, it is rather vital additionally search for the supportive medical prognosis (ICD 10 code) to satisfy CPT code for b12 injection.

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ICD-10 Codes supporting CPT code for B12 injection (J3420)

D51.0 – D52.9 – Opens in a brand new window Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia on account of intrinsic issue deficiency – Folate deficiency anemia, unspecified
D53.1 Different megaloblastic anemias, not elsewhere labeled
D53.9 Dietary anemia, unspecified
D81.818 – D81.819 – Opens in a brand new window Different biotin-dependent carboxylase deficiency – Biotin-dependent carboxylase deficiency, unspecified
E40 – E42 – Opens in a brand new window Kwashiorkor – Marasmic kwashiorkor
E44.1 Delicate protein-calorie malnutrition
E45 Retarded growth following protein-calorie malnutrition
E46 Unspecified protein-calorie malnutrition
E53.8 Deficiency of different specified B group nutritional vitamins
E64.0 Sequelae of protein-calorie malnutrition
G32.0 Subacute mixed degeneration of spinal twine in illnesses labeled elsewhere
K29.30 Continual superficial gastritis with out bleeding
K29.40 Continual atrophic gastritis with out bleeding
K29.50 Unspecified continual gastritis with out bleeding
K86.0 – K86.1 – Opens in a brand new window Alcohol-induced continual pancreatitis – Different continual pancreatitis
K90.0 – K90.49 – Opens in a brand new window Celiac illness – Malabsorption on account of intolerance, not elsewhere labeled
K90.89 – K90.9 – Opens in a brand new window Different intestinal malabsorption – Intestinal malabsorption, unspecified
K91.1 Postgastric surgical procedure syndromes
K91.2 Postsurgical malabsorption, not elsewhere labeled
T50.995A – T50.995S* – Opens in a brand new window Hostile impact of different medication, medicaments and organic substances, preliminary encounter – Hostile impact of different medication, medicaments and organic substances, sequela

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