Vitamin B8 Foods

In this article we will be discussing a very common question: vitamin b8 foods. It’s quite a sensitive & complex subject, as such we will do our best at providing a clear and concise article to clear any doubts you may have.


Avidin binds tightly with biotin, thereby diminishing its absorption. In children, genetically based metabolic anomalies may be behind biotin deficiency. This deficiency appears as changes in immune system function and in a heightened susceptibility to bacterial and fungal infections.
Signs of vitamin B8 deficiency:

Skin inflammation and hypersensitivity (redness around the eyes, nose, and mouth);


Hair loss;

Absence or loss of pigment in the hair;

Muscle soreness;

Loss of appetite;


Neurological disorders (depression, fatigue, hallucinations, and tingling hands and feet);

Increase in blood cholesterol levels;

Decrease in blood hemoglobin, which could lead to anemia.

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Adverse Effects

Your pharmacist can help you choose the solution that’s best for you based on your health and any drugs you take. Other names

Vitamin B8, Biotin, vitamin H.

What Is Biotin & Why Is It So Important?

Biotin was once defined with different terms such as coenzyme E, vitamin H & the element responsible for egg white diesease (raw egg white contains avidin a protein that binds biotin completely; hence when cooked avidin is partially denatured & biotin binding reduced.).

Food Containing Vitamin B8

Chicken Liver

It has no rivals in providing biotin to our organism, not even any other animal liver. Chicken liver is also an excellent source of Choline (255% of our daily value or DV) folate (127% of our DV), iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B12 (247% DV) & zinc, it is also a good source of lutein, lycopene & zeaxanthin.
If only it wasn’t for the 495mg of cholesterol per portion chicken liver would have been one of the best foods of the entire cookbook. Eggs

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Eggs are a good source of phosphorus, protein, riboflavin & vitamin D. Biotin is fundamental for our organism especially for our brain.
Eggs are a very good source of biotin & also of Choline an organic substance that helps us improve apprehension & learning. Pink Salmon

A diet including food containing biotin & omega 3 like salmon help contribute in monitoring lipid disorders in the blood glucose. Mushrooms

For vegetarians Mushrooms are an ideal alternative to meat, since in respect to quantity they provide a very good amount of calories & nutrients.
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