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In the event you’re searching for a brighter, extra even complexion (and are not all of us?), then two of the most effective lively components to attempt are vitamin C and acids. Each are well-known for giving pores and skin a glow—however becoming them into your skincare routine is the place it will get tough.

Have they got to be utilized at totally different instances, or can you utilize them collectively? Will one inactivate the opposite? Which one goes on first? What about wait instances?

This tutorial goes to reply all of these questions for you, and extra. You’ll be taught:

I’ve additionally obtained a free cheat sheet so that you can obtain on the finish of this text!


The Advantages of Vitamin C and Acids for Your Pores and skin

Earlier than we discuss the best way to apply them, this is why you’d need to use each a vitamin C serum and an acid within the first place.

Vitamin C is a robust antioxidant, so it protects your pores and skin from untimely growing old by neutralizing free radicals. It additionally helps to restore current harm by normalizing collagen manufacturing and blocking extra melanin formation—which implies your pores and skin will develop into firmer, extra even-toned and extra radiant.

There are two sorts of vitamin C:

Acids are chemical exfoliants that loosen and peel away lifeless pores and skin cells. This provides a right away brightening impact, since lifeless cell build-up absorbs mild as an alternative of reflecting it. Over time, acids additionally assist to take away darkish spots, cut back high quality strains and pimples, and even improve firmness.

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There are two major sorts of acids:

Each vitamin C and acids are superior components for addressing dullness and discolourations, however they work in a different way. So pairing them collectively can provide you higher outcomes versus utilizing both one by itself.

The one catch? You want to apply your merchandise on the proper time, in the proper order.


Learn how to Use Vitamin C and Acids in Your Skincare Routine


Choice 1: Apply Them at Completely different Occasions of Day

The only solution to incorporate vitamin C and acids in your routine is to use them away from one another, at totally different instances of day. 

This can be a good method for learners and delicate varieties, since AHAs, BHAs and L-ascorbic acid are all acidic components. By separating them, you are much less more likely to irritate your pores and skin. 

As for which lively you placed on when, it is as much as you. 

Previously, most dermatologists have advisable utilizing vitamin C serums within the morning. Dr. Neal Schultz, nonetheless, believes {that a} nighttime utility is much more useful. Away from UV mild, the vitamin C “gets fully absorbed into your cells where it’s really needed,” he informed Vogue.

Acids may also be used at any time, so long as you are defending your pores and skin with a great sunscreen in the course of the day. BHAs have some photoprotective properties, in order that they’re ideally suited for mornings, whereas AHAs make your pores and skin extra sun-sensitive, in order that they’re your finest guess at bedtime. 

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Choice 2: Apply Them on Alternate Mornings or Nights

One other simple choice is to alternate between a vitamin C serum and an acid on the similar time of day. So, for instance, one morning you can apply your L-ascorbic acid, and the following morning, your favorite BHA. 

A bonus of this method is that you are taking it sluggish, so your pores and skin will be capable of regularly modify to the 2 lively components. It is also a good suggestion in case you have delicate pores and skin and might’t tolerate utilizing acid exfoliants each day. 

However is it sufficient to be efficient? In line with superstar facialist Kate Somerville, sure. “I’ve seen some amazing results with clients who’ve added vitamin C into their regimen at three times a week and worked up to daily use,” she informed Vogue.


Choice 3: Apply Them on the Similar Time – “vitamin c bha”

You could be stunned to know that it is also doable to use your vitamin C serum and acid collectively, on the similar time.

In reality, utilizing an acid proper earlier than vitamin C may really ENHANCE your outcomes. 

That is as a result of the lively type of vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, has been discovered to penetrate finest at a low pH, below 3.5. (See research right here and right here.) 

We all know that AHAs and BHAs—that are sometimes between pH 3.0 and 4.0—make the pores and skin extra acidic by reducing its pH. So by making use of an acid first, it would create the optimum circumstances for the L-ascorbic acid to be efficient.

Acids could even enhance the conversion of vitamin C derivatives into L-ascorbic acid. 

“Non-acidic forms of vitamin C are almost always of a higher pH than AHAs, so be sure that you acidify the skin first so that the THD [tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate], MAP [magnesium ascorbyl phosphate], or ascorbyl glucoside (AG) can actually be broken down or transformed/activated into L-ascorbic acid to begin with,” suggests FutureDerm founder Nicki Zevola Benvenuti. 

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Choice 4: Apply Them 30 Minutes Aside

Your ultimate various is to use your vitamin C serum and acid half-hour aside.

Personally, I all the time take this method each time I am utilizing merchandise which have a niche of greater than about 1.0 to 2.0 in pH ranges. 

So whereas I would not wait in between an AHA and L-ascorbic acid, for instance, I might accomplish that with a higher-pH vitamin C spinoff, resembling:

The identical goes for vitamin C formulation which are anhydrous (water-free), which do not have a pH stage in any respect.

However wait—did not I simply point out that acidifying the pores and skin may improve the conversion of vitamin C derivatives into lively vitamin C?

Sure, however this is one thing else to think about. In the event you layer one proper on high of the opposite, the vitamin C spinoff (or anhydrous L-ascorbic acid) is more likely to dilute or increase the pH of the acid—which would cut back its effectiveness. This research appeared on the absorption of AHAs at pH 3.0 versus pH 7.0, and located that the upper the pH, the much less the pores and skin absorbs. 

In different phrases, if getting probably the most out of your acid exfoliant is essential to you, incorporate a ready interval to present it time to work, earlier than making use of your vitamin C spinoff on high. 


Beneficial Vitamin C Serums and Acids (and Their pH Ranges)

So let’s end with just a few product examples, we could?

Listed below are just a few of my favorite vitamin C serums and acid exfoliants, in a variety of strengths—and the way I might pair them collectively based mostly on pH ranges.


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