Vitamin C Capsules Eating Benefits

1. May Reduce Your Risk Of Chronic Disease

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defenses (2). Antioxidants are molecules that boost the immune system. They do so by protecting cells from harmful molecules called free radicals.
When free radicals accumulate, they can promote a state known as oxidative stress, which has been linked to many chronic diseases This helps the body’s natural defenses fight inflammation ( 4 , 5).

How Much Vitamin C Is Enough?


According to recent research, vitamin C may offer health benefits in these areas:

A deficiency in vitamin C is associated with many stress related disease. It is the first nutrient to be depleted in alcoholics, smokers, and obese individuals. When it comes to the common cold, vitamin C is not a cure, but some studies show that it may help prevent more serious complications.
“There is good evidence taking vitamin C for colds and flu can reduce the risk of developing further complications, such as pneumonia and lung infections,” says Moyad. Although research has been conflicting, one study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those with the highest concentrations of vitamin C in their blood were associated with 42% lower stroke risk than those with the lowest concentrations. But what is clear is that people who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables have higher blood levels of vitamin C.

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“People who consume more fruit and vegetables will not only have higher [blood] levels of vitamin C, but higher intake of other nutrients potentially beneficial to health, such as fiber and other vitamins and minerals,” study researcher Phyo K. Myint said in an email interview.
A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined links between nutrient intakes and skin aging in 4,025 women aged 40-74. In addition, topical treatments with Vitamin C have been shown in some studies to reduce wrinkles

Other studies have suggested that vitamin C may als.

4. It Can Lower The Risk Of Gout

Gout, a painful form of inflammatory arthritis, is caused by having too much uric acid in the body, according to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention.
Eating a healthy diet with limited alcohol intake can lower the risk of gout — and vitamin C supplements can help as well. “Some studies have found that vitamin C may moderately reduce uric acid levels in people who have gout,” Samuels says. Vitamin C May Make Cancer Treatments More Effective

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At this point, it’d be wrong to say vitamin C can prevent or cure cancer, but it may be a beneficial addition to cancer treatment.
According to a small study published in March 2017 in Cancer Cell, taking high doses of vitamin C for two months during cancer treatment weakened the cancer cells and made radiation and chemotherapy more effective. It’s worth noting, however, that most of this research involves taking vitamin C intravenously rather than orally, Samuels says.

Best Foods For Vitamin C

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