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Lots of of years in the past, earlier than vitamin C was identified to science, sailors would fall in poor health with the dreaded “scurvy.” With out contemporary citrus fruit and veggies to supply this important nutrient, they suffered from weak spot, exhaustion, bleeding gums, pores and skin ulcers, and even demise. 

Vitamin C is an important nutrient for human beings. In the event you’re not getting sufficient in your weight-reduction plan (by contemporary fruit and veggies or by a water-soluble vitamin supplementation), you’ll be able to run into a variety of well being issues. Let’s discover how your physique makes use of vitamin C, and why it’s so essential to your scalp and hair well being.


An Important Nutrient for Pores and skin & Physique

Getting sufficient vitamin C is essential to the physique’s potential to restore injury, combat intravenous circumstances (as a result of it stimulates white blood cells), and produce collagen – a protein that makes up a lot of our connective tissue and offers our pores and skin with its elasticity and construction. 

Right this moment, most People are getting their each day really useful dietary allowance of vitamin C. Perhaps you are taking an additional dose as a part of a dietary complement or multivitamin to assist combat off the sniffles of a standard chilly and enhance your basic well being and wellness.

Otherwise you might need come throughout specialised, skincare merchandise with excessive ranges of vitamin C or vitamin C dietary supplements, particularly face serums with massive doses of vitamin C content material. Utilized on to the pores and skin, vitamin C is legendary for its potential to brighten tough, uninteresting, or discolored areas, and for its anti-aging results. When marketed with the identify L-ascorbic acid, it’s mentioned to assist plump up the pores and skin and scale back nice traces (once more, because of its promotion of collagen manufacturing). 

You’ve in all probability additionally heard about vitamin C’s antioxidant properties, which may also help stave off mobile injury within the pores and skin and all through the physique. Vitamin C’s efficiency as an antioxidant can also be liable for its immune-boosting powers and a few of its anti-aging results in skincare with out very many uncomfortable side effects. Plus, it may assist your physique with the absorption of iron, which may also help deal with anemia. Based on the Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH), it has been linked to a diminished threat of coronary heart illness, tightening the cells lining your blood vessels, and a lot extra.

Given all these highly effective advantages of vitamin C for basic wellness and pores and skin well being, it shouldn’t be too stunning that it may assist your scalp, too. However how precisely does it work? And what’s one of the simplest ways to get the advantages of this vitamin? 

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Extra on that in a second – however first, let’s get clear on what dandruff is and what causes it. 


Scalp Well being 101

Little white flakes. In the event you’re experiencing dandruff, you understand and possibly dislike them. These flakes, and the itchiness that comes with them, are because of the irritation of your scalp. It’s not a severe well being risk, however it may trigger plenty of discomfort. 

However few individuals are accustomed to dandruff’s root causes. That could be as a result of dandruff is a bit taboo as a dialog matter, regardless that over half the inhabitants is believed to undergo from it.  It seems that there are a lot of causes your scalp would possibly get irritated, they usually all result in the identical consequence: itchy, flaking pores and skin. Listed below are a few of these threat elements:

Food regimen

Researchers assume diets missing sure vitamins might make dandruff extra doubtless. These could embody vitamin C deficiency, in addition to zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, B nutritional vitamins, and others. Some scientists consider diets which might be identified to trigger irritation – like these excessive in sugar, unhealthy fat, processed meals, and allergens – are prone to exacerbate dandruff signs, too.

Local weather & Air High quality

Humidity ranges, air air pollution, and solar publicity can play a job in pores and skin well being, inflicting a type of injury on the mobile stage referred to as oxidative stress in addition to seen indicators of growing old. Dandruff tends to worsen for many individuals in chilly climate, dry climates, and in polluted areas. 


Your genes can play a job in how vulnerable to dandruff signs you’re.  Pores and skin circumstances, allergic reactions, or basic pores and skin sensitivities can all be genetic. 

Stress Degree

Stress is more and more acknowledged for the toll it may tackle our bodily well being. For some, stress may cause abdomen aches and digestive issues. Others grind their tooth at evening or have pimples breakouts. And a few see dandruff signs worsen. 

There are numerous causes to put money into common self-care to handle stress – whether or not that’s time in nature, mindfulness meditation, or train – the advantages of which might enhance your general bodily well being together with your potential to combat dandruff.


The “microbiome” of the intestine has change into a trending matter in well being and wellness. You might need heard discussions about how the pure flora in your intestinal tract can impression every part out of your immune system to your temper. 

The reality is that billions of tiny microorganisms play essential roles in each a part of our physique – together with our pores and skin. Malassezia is a genus of fungus that naturally happens on human pores and skin. An overgrowth of Malassezia is assumed to play a job in dandruff.


Hormone ranges are one other doubtless think about dandruff, which might assist clarify why the danger for dandruff varies in keeping with age. For some, signs typically begin throughout puberty and get much less extreme over time.

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Underlying Pores and skin Circumstances

Psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis can all trigger or contribute to flaking. You probably have signs past an itchy, flaky scalp, it’s sensible to see your physician or dermatologist to handle your well being issues. But additionally remember that it’s undoubtedly doable to have dandruff with out having any of those pores and skin circumstances. 


Each Dandruff Case is Distinctive – However The Therapy is The Similar

Dandruff isn’t curable. And with so many potential threat elements, it may be onerous to pinpoint exactly what’s behind anybody case. Thankfully, dandruff can be simply managed. It’s completely doable to maintain flakes and irritation in examine utilizing a confirmed scalp therapy together with small way of life modifications.

The method resulting in scalp itchiness and flaking usually features a buildup of extra sebum in your scalp and an excessive amount of of a fungus that feeds on it (Malassezia). This fungus then produces waste that the scalp can discover particularly irritating, resulting in itching and flaking. 

Treating the signs related to dandruff successfully means interrupting this course of. The secret’s common use of a scientifically formulated product together with the energetic ingredient, Zinc Pyrithione, that helps take away extra sebum and useless pores and skin whereas taming Malassezia overgrowth.


How Vitamin C Can Assist

The results of Vitamin C will be highly effective at breaking the unhealthy pores and skin cycles that usually result in dandruff signs. Frequent good sources of vitamin C embody ascorbic acid and ascorbate. These compounds are essential to the physique’s potential to restore broken tissues. Except for vitamin C supplementation, it may be present in meals similar to brussels sprouts, crimson peppers and, most famously, citrus fruits.

Right here’s how the particular properties of vitamin C would possibly assist handle dandruff:

A Potent Antioxidant

Oxidative stress – a kind of injury occurring throughout the cells of our physique – is assumed to play a central position in growing old, together with many age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s illness, macular degeneration, cataracts, heart problems, diabetes mellitus, and extra. Oxidative stress from solar publicity, smoking, and air pollution can also be behind lots of the seen indicators of growing old within the pores and skin, together with darkish spots, lack of elasticity, and wrinkles. 

Vitamin C is assumed to fight this kind of injury. As one of the potent antioxidants within the pores and skin, it helps neutralize molecules referred to as free radicals that trigger oxidative stress. This may increasingly assist promote wound therapeutic, and may also help strengthening the scalp and hair by elevated collagen manufacturing. 

Collagen Booster

Collagen offers important construction within the physique. It’s also a significant factor in pores and skin and helps hold it robust, elastic, and moisturized – parts we affiliate with a youthful and wholesome look. 

Excessive doses of vitamin C appears to spice up collagen manufacturing, which may also help combat the looks of dryness and tough pores and skin on a scalp with dandruff. 

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Immune System Regulator

The immune system is assumed to play a job in dandruff, partly as a result of individuals with critically compromised immune programs usually tend to undergo from the situation. Some researchers assume the immune system in dandruff victims may very well be overreacting to an overgrowth of the Malassezia fungus on the scalp. This might clarify the ensuing irritation.

Whereas it’s nonetheless not clear precisely how the immune system works in inflicting or contributing to dandruff, strengthening your physique’s potential to combat an infection is rarely a foul thought. Vitamin C’s position in boosting immunity could have some profit in addressing dandruff. 

Vitamin C is thought to be “immunomodulatory” – in different phrases, it doesn’t simply enhance your immune operate, it may assist to raised regulate it. So regardless of the immune system’s position in dandruff, it’s doable vitamin C may also help.  

Antimicrobial Properties

Since fungal overgrowth is linked to dandruff, it’s sensible to look to antimicrobial elements to assist management the situation. Vitamin C is identified to combat infections, together with these from micro organism, viruses, and fungi. 


Ought to I Strive Vitamin C Pores and skin Serum on My Flaky Scalp? – “vitamin c powder for hair”

Though vitamin C is usually a helpful a part of your skincare routine, it’s not a good suggestion to easily pour it in your scalp, particularly with out medical recommendation from a well being skilled or your healthcare supplier. As an alternative, search for this ingredient as a part of a balanced chemical formulation constructed together with your scalp well being in thoughts which is able to decrease the danger of hostile results.

The pitfalls of going DIY with scalp care are important, particularly for individuals who have already got delicate or irritated pores and skin. Utilizing vitamin C in excessive concentrations straight on the scalp can result in elevated irritation. 

By way of medical trials, vitamin C consumption by itself is confirmed to not be very shelf secure and can break down shortly if not mixed with different elements to assist stabilize it. That is one more reason to look to skilled anti-dandruff formulation; they’re designed to remain contemporary and hold the vitamin C they include energetic.  

However a very powerful threat of going DIY together with your dandruff treatment is that it simply gained’t work. A professionally formulated anti-dandruff product is the important thing, and also you want one containing Zinc Pyrithione, a confirmed dandruff-fighting energetic ingredient, and examined within the lab to make sure it’ll actually kick your flakes to the curb. 


Do not Be Flaky

It is essential that your anti-dandruff product treats your flakes and itching but additionally nourishes and indulges your hair and your senses on the identical time. Search for the highly effective energetic ingredient Zinc Pyrithione to assist combat dandruff, paired with calming, luxe elements like vitamin C and vitamin E to depart your scalp and hair trying its finest.


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