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vitamin c serum for acne prone skin

Vitamin C deserves a spot in your complement and skincare routine.

If you’re sick and even careworn, Vitamin C is a robust antioxidant that may make it easier to really feel higher. Whilst you might already take it as a complement, Vitamin C can be helpful as a part of a skincare routine. Topical vitamin C is present in all kinds of skincare merchandise and lots of skincare specialists advocate it for higher pores and skin.

“Vitamin C is a great ingredient because it is a multitasker,” says dermatologist, Dr. Elyse Love. “It’s an antioxidant, so it helps to protect the skin against any UV damage that may have made it through your sunscreen defense. It also helps to regulate pigmentation production, producing a more even skin tone. For this reason, I recommend vitamin C a lot — for its anti-aging protective effects and pigment-regulating function.”

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We curated a number of the finest vitamin C serums to your pores and skin under based mostly on in depth analysis, professional suggestions and top-rated and reviewed merchandise on-line. 


Finest clear vitamin C serum


Finest inexpensive serum


Finest serum for zits inclined pores and skin


Finest serum for mixture or dry pores and skin


Finest serum for greasy pores and skin – “vitamin c serum for acne prone skin”


Finest serum for dry pores and skin


What to search for when purchasing for a vitamin C serum

What to search for in a vitamin C serum is determined by your private pores and skin issues. Should you’re involved about zits, make sure to search for merchandise which are oil-free. “Vitamin C is often formulated with vitamin E for their synergistic antioxidant effects, but vitamin E is an oil and may cause flares on acne prone skin,” says Love. 

Remember that vitamin C serums might be irritating to the pores and skin. Should you’re involved about sensitivity, search for manufacturers that publicize “sensitive skin” or be aware that the product is formulated to scale back irritation whenever you store for merchandise. 

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Generally it is okay to purchase skincare merchandise and allow them to sit on the shelf for a couple of months earlier than utilizing them. However you do not wish to do this with merchandise that comprise vitamin C. “L-ascorbic acid [vitamin C] is difficult to stabilize, which is why a ‘steal’ is probably too good to be true. Both air and sunlight can oxidize vitamin C, causing it to lose some of its efficacy,” says Love.

Moreover utilizing the product as shortly as you’ll be able to, Love additionally suggests choosing a serum that is available in a container that blocks out mild. “Minimize the amount of time the product is exposed to air by applying it quickly to your hands and screwing the top back on the bottle securely. Some products now come in containers that don’t require opening the top, so this is also helpful,” says Love.   


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