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Identical to with ingesting water filters there are numerous firms and “health experts” that unfold unscientific and even false data for their very own advantages. Blogs and the Amazon are full of false myths about showering water and water filtration advantages. Subsequently we’ve tried to seize the most typical myths about faucet water associated points to your pores and skin, hair and well being.


1. The pores and skin absorbs chlorine when showering

Principally false.

Some blogs and web sites declare {that a} 10-minute bathe causes your physique to soak up the equivalence of 8 to glasses of chlorinated ingesting water.

The well being dangers brought on by chlorine absorption are defined as follows in a paper by The Division of Group Well being in Michigan:

“The skin does not absorb chlorine well, but small amounts can pass through the skin when people are exposed to chlorine gas, bleach, or come into contact with water or soil containing high levels of chlorine. Although small amounts of chlorine can pass through the skin, it is eliminated from the body rapidly. Chlorine may irritate or burn the skin, especially moist areas.”

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2. Chloroform (one of many THMs) which can be cancer-causing can is a by-product from showering in chlorinated sizzling water


There’s loads of proof and analysis that reveals that we might inhale THMs from chlorinated faucet water.

Science Information reported that researchers discovered will increase in chloroform in research individuals’ lungs of about 2.7ppb after a 10-minute bathe. Mixed with heat water opening pores, pores and skin absorption and lung inhalation throughout a 10-minute bathe confirmed to be higher than the quantity that will be ingested by ingesting 8 glasses of the identical water.

The EU has additionally not too long ago printed a number of research exhibiting that elevated ranges of chlorine by-products reminiscent of THMs improve the danger of bladder most cancers inflicting deaths per yr in Europe.

Subsequently we needs to be cautious of complete THMs above the utmost restrict (100 ppm) in our faucet water. 

References to 2 of the research:

Most bathe filters don’t take away THMs as a result of excessive water strain. Nevertheless, TAPP 1s that mixes KDF 55 and activated carbon have confirmed to cut back THMs and VOCs primarily based on unbiased assessments.



3. Chlorine in bathe water can result in hair loss


Regular publicity to chlorine doesn’t trigger hair loss. This fable has been debunked after a research was printed in a current difficulty of the journal of dermatologist . Within the research, researchers in contrast the hair of 67 skilled swimmers to that of 54 people who spent little to no time within the pool. Though swimmers’ hair exhibited indicators of chlorine-induced harm (i.e. dryness and coarseness), swimmers weren’t considerably extra prone to expertise hair loss.

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Nevertheless, there may be proof that abnormally excessive publicity to chlorine may trigger the scalp to turn out to be agitated, dry, and flaky. Thinning or shedding may happen because of this, nevertheless it’s essential to know that the chlorine publicity wanted to result in such uncomfortable side effects far exceeds that of a standard swimming pool.

Supply: being/09real.html


4. Information about water: Bathe filters take away all chlorine


Good filters take away 90% or extra however there are filters that don’t take away chlorine in any respect. Those that declare 99% removing are more than likely made up outcomes. Amazon is stuffed with low cost Chinese language and Korean bathe that take away a small proportion of chlorine regardless of the raving critiques. Filters licensed by the NSF #177 Normal (the US water filter normal) — solely signifies {that a} filter will take away 50% of free chlorine within the water. TAPP 1s is examined to filter over 90%. 

Guarantee that the the producers present unbiased check outcomes for his or her filters earlier than shopping for.


5. KDF bathe filters are the simplest at eradicating chlorine – “vitamin c shower head”


KDF removes “free chlorine” (chlorine that has not mixed with different constituents in water) below heavy strain with sizzling water. Carbon filters are just about ineffective in showers, as a result of they don’t work when the water is heat, excessive strain and so they additionally get clogged pretty shortly.

The declare that Vitamin C filters take away chlorine is extra sophisticated. We’ve tried to seek out unbiased analysis that reveals the effectiveness with out success. Vitamin C does work within the bathtub although as there may be ample time for the water and Vitamin C to combine.

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In an interview by Bloomberg Neal Langerman on the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Well being and Security. “From a chemistry standpoint, vitamin C does react with chlorine and consume it. The concept has even been proven by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But the filters are all hype. First off, chlorine and chloramines do not cross the skin barrier, nor does vitamin C. … [Also] I don’t think the reaction would be complete—the neutralization, if you will—by the time the water hits your head or flows down the drain.”

Supply: KDF

The conclusion from our analysis is that Vitamin C is most like inadequate on it’s personal however mixed with KDF it could possibly be.


6. Bathe filters soften the water?


A bathe filter won’t soften water in the best way a conventional softener does, however it should take away chlorine and different chemical contaminants, making the water a lot much less harsh and leaving your pores and skin and hair feeling considerably softer. Along with this bathe filters with KDF will considerably scale back limescale formation.


7. Bathe filters scale back water strain?


Most bathe filters course of water at 10 Liters (2.5 gallons) per minute, which is identical stream regulation as a typical bathe head. Nevertheless, it’s not a nasty concept to mix your filter with a water saving bathe head to save lots of water consumption and cash. Yow will discover a listing and assessment of bathe heads right here.


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