Vitamin C Tablets For Dogs

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The Benefits Of Vitamin C

For example, it strengthens the immune system by:

Increasing The Activity Of The White Cells That Fight Infection

Stimulating Higher Levels Of Antibodies That Defend The Body

Increasing The Amount Of Natural Interferon In The Bloodstream

Improving The Ability Of Platelets To Clot Blood

No One Disputes The Benefits Of Vitamin C, But Why Bother With A Supplement?

Holistic vets argue that when the body is stressed, sick, or worn out it gobbles up its vitamin C stores as part of the repair process. This runs down the body’s reserves of vitamin C, and boosting levels is beneficial.

When Could Dogs Do With A Boost?

Pretty much any situation that puts the body under strain, is an indication for giving a supplement.
Even a healthy dog can benefit from a vitamin C boost, for example, prior to a vaccination appointment. Other situations under the same umbrella include:

In the case of degenerative diseases like arthritis

The aging process slows down vitamin C production

In times of illness such as skin allergies, infection, or organ failure

During stressful or demanding physiological states such as pregnancy, feeding pups, or being a working dog

When injuries or exposure to contagious diseases occur

Dosing your Dog

Not all vitamin C is the same. Speak to your vet to get the insight on the nutrient and how to best use it in your dog’s situation.
You may be familiar with vitamin C as ‘ascorbic acid’. If this happens with your dog, stop the supplement for a day or so, then restart at a lower dose. Recommended dosages do vary, but the following is generally accepted as ideal for normal dogs:

Small Dog: 125 – 500 Mg Per Dog Per Day, Split Into Two Doses

Medium Dog: 250 – 1,500 Mg Per Dog Per Day, In Two Divided Doses

Large Dog: 500 – 1,500Mg Per Dog Per Day, In Two Doses

And Finally…Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing?

To avoid stress and high veterinary care costs, insure your pet today.

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Itamin C for Dogs: Nutrition Strength Vitamin C for Dogs

This vitamin C supplement for dogs could help boost antioxidant function and help support collagen production. The chewable tablets are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with human-grade ingredients, so you know your dog is getting the best.

Vitamin C Helps Dogs That Are Sick And Stressed

Physical stress can be due to many reasons, such as lactation, gestation, growth, hard work (dogs used for tracking, herding, hunting, etc. The correlation between stress and vitamin C levels in a dog is so consistent that researchers can measure a dog’s stress level through the degree of vitamin C depletion in the dog’s blood. On the other hand, many studies show that dogs (and humans) who supplement with vitamin C are more resistant to disease and can recover from injuries or illness better.
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