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vitamin c tablets for dogs

Folks should eat meals wealthy in vitamin C wealthy with a view to keep wholesome. Not so our canines. 

In contrast to individuals, canines aren’t depending on vitamin C being equipped in meals. As an alternative, our furry associates have a metabolism that makes their very own vitamin C, when given the uncooked components. This implies canines do not get human deficiency ailments reminiscent of scurvy… and it is also why pet meals producers not often added vitamin C to their recipes (until it’s as a preservative).

However, holistic veterinarians repeatedly encourage pet dad and mom to complement their canine’s food plan with this important nutrient. How can the supplementation of a nutrient a canine’s physique makes on their very own be of profit to your finest buddy? Let’s check out the whys, wherefores, and potential pitfalls of vitamin C dietary supplements.

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The Advantages of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a ‘can do’ nutrient which helps the physique run extra easily. For instance, it strengthens the immune system by:

Nobody disputes the advantages of vitamin C, however why trouble with a complement? 

Holistic vets argue that when the physique is burdened, sick, or worn out it gobbles up its vitamin C shops as a part of the restore course of. This runs down the physique’s reserves of vitamin C, and boosting ranges is helpful


When May Canines do with a Increase?

Just about any scenario that places the physique beneath pressure, is a sign for giving a complement. Even a wholesome canine can profit from a vitamin C increase, for instance, previous to a vaccination appointment. Different conditions beneath the identical umbrella embrace:


Dosing your Canine

Not all vitamin C is similar. Some varieties are poorly absorbed from the intestine, so select your complement correctly. Converse to your vet to get the perception on the nutrient and find out how to finest use it in your canine’s scenario.

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It’s possible you’ll be acquainted with vitamin C as ‘ascorbic acid’. Nonetheless, it is a kind that the physique struggles to make use of to finest impact. Consultants agree that ‘sodium ascorbate’ is the best to digest and in addition lasts longest within the physique. Additionally, select sodium ascorbate merchandise marked as ‘USP Pure’. This stands for United States Pharmacopoeia and is a assure of high quality. 

Relating to how a lot to provide, remember that top doses may cause diarrhea. If this occurs together with your canine, cease the complement for a day or so, then restart at a decrease dose. Advisable dosages do differ, however the next is mostly accepted as supreme for regular canines: 


And eventually…can you’ve gotten an excessive amount of of an excellent factor?

Excessive doses of vitamin C change the pH of urine and make it extra acidic than regular. For some canines, this might push them into forming calcium oxalate bladder stones. This doubtlessly critical complication might trigger bloody urine, or a urinary blockage which requires emergency surgical procedure to take away the obstruction. 

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In case your canine has a historical past of forming bladder stones, then it is important to speak to your vet earlier than beginning a vitamin C complement. And naturally, communicate to your vet first, about whether or not a vitamin C complement is true in your canine.


– “vitamin c tablets for dogs”




“vitamin c tablets for dogs”

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