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Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an antioxidant that’s important for human vitamin. Vitamin C deficiency can result in a illness referred to as scurvy, which is characterised by abnormalities within the bones and enamel. Many fruit and veggies comprise vitamin C, however cooking destroys the vitamin, so uncooked citrus fruits and their juices are the primary supply of ascorbic acid for most individuals.


Vitamin C Dedication by Iodine Titration

One solution to decide the quantity of vitamin C in meals is to make use of a redox titration. The redox response is best than an acid-base titration since there are further acids in a juice, however few of them intrude with the oxidation of ascorbic acid by iodine.

Iodine is comparatively insoluble, however this may be improved by complexing the iodine with iodide to type triiodide:

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I2 + I- ↔ I3-

Triiodide oxidizes vitamin C to type dehydroascorbic acid:

C6H8O6 + I3- + H2O → C6H6O6 + 3I- + 2H+

So long as vitamin C is current within the answer, the triiodide is transformed to the iodide ion in a short time. Nevertheless, when all of the vitamin C is oxidized, iodine and triiodide might be current, which react with starch to type a blue-black complicated. The blue-black colour is the endpoint of the titration.

This titration process is acceptable for testing the quantity of vitamin C in vitamin C tablets, juices, and contemporary, frozen, or packaged fruit and veggies. The titration might be carried out utilizing simply iodine answer and never iodate, however the iodate answer is extra steady and provides a extra correct end result.


Process for Figuring out Vitamin C



The aim of this laboratory train is to find out the quantity of vitamin C in samples, equivalent to fruit juice.



Step one is to arrange the options. We have listed examples of portions, however they don’t seem to be necessary. What issues is that you already know the focus of the options and the volumes that you just use.

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Making ready Options – “vitamin c titration”

1% Starch Indicator Answer

Iodine Answer

Vitamin C Normal Answer

Standardizing Options


Vitamin C Titration

You titrate samples precisely the identical as you probably did your customary. File the preliminary and ultimate quantity of iodine answer required to provide the colour change on the endpoint.


Titrating Juice Samples

Titrating Actual Lemon

Actual Lemon is good to make use of as a result of the maker lists vitamin C, so you possibly can evaluate your worth with the packaged worth. You need to use one other packaged lemon or lime juice, offered the quantity of vitamin C is listed on the packaging. Bear in mind, the quantity can change (diminish) as soon as the container has been opened or after it has been saved for a very long time.

Different Samples

Titrate these samples in the identical manner because the juice pattern described above.


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