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Vitamin D 7000 Ie


This article aims to clear any doubts and questions you may have about this subject and we will do our best to do so.


Vitamin D3 per tablet supplied for 7 days – For normal functioning of the immune system and muscles as well as for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth

Tetesept Vitamin D3 7000 uses the body’s ability to store vitamin D. Thanks to the weekly dosage, the body is so supplied for 7 days – with only one tablet per week. Protect from heat and sunlight.

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Ackung – Sonnenvitamin D3

nur 1 Tablette pro Woche

Bei einem Mangel an natürlichem Sonnenlicht

für Knochen, Immunsystem und Muskeln

Wirkung wissenschaftlich bestätigt

Vitamin D wird vom Körper überwiegend selbst gebildet – allerdings nur unter der Einwirkung von Sonnenlicht. Laut der Nationalen Verzehrsstudie (2008) sind jedoch 91% der Frauen und 82% der Männer nicht ausreichend mit Vitamin D versorgt.
Tetesept Vitamin D3 7000 Wochendepot nutzt die Fähigkeit des Körpers, Vitamin D zu speichern. Dank der Wochendosierung wird der Körper so für 7 Tage versorgt – mit nur einer Tablette pro Woche.


Customer: To me, there’s nothing better than being outside on a really nice day.
Whether I’m working in my garden or taking a walk with my family, we all love the outdoors. But during my last checkup, the doctor noticed that I wasn’t getting enough vitamin D.

Michael A. Smith, MD: From your brain to your heart, your bones to your immune system, vitamin D affects nearly every cell in your body and is critical for optimal health. Even if you spend a lot of time outdoors, your body may not be producing enough of this important vitamin.
Customer: So, my body needs more vitamin D, but there are all these different doses and options. We recommend taking 5,000 international units a day, but we offer doses ranging from 1,000 to 7,000 units depending on your vitamin D blood level. Customer: Three weeks in, and vitamin D has really made an impact on my whole life.
I have more energy and overall, I feel for lack of a better word…sunnier. Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD: Director of Education and Spokesperson for Life Extensio.

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