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Regardless of the growing deal with vitamin D ranges and claimed associations with many well being circumstances, there is no such thing as a proof to help blanket supplementation of the final inhabitants. Vitamin D supplementation must be reserved for many who are vulnerable to deficiency reminiscent of aged folks in residential care, folks with darkly pigmented pores and skin and individuals who obtain little direct daylight e.g. ladies who’re veiled. Vitamin D supplementation at really useful ranges is secure, nevertheless, there’s rising proof that sustained, excessive ranges of vitamin D are related to antagonistic results.


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Vitamin D: why all of the confusion?

Vitamin D is required by everybody to control the physique’s calcium stability. This homeostasis is achieved by influencing

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calcium absorption, primarily within the small gut. Vitamin D is essential for bone mineralisation and normal muscle and

bone well being. Extreme deficiency may end up in hypocalcaemic seizures and weak or misshapen bones – rickets in youngsters,

osteomalacia and osteoporosis in adults.1 Usually, vitamin D is produced within the pores and skin following publicity to

UVB which then turns into metabolically lively following reactions within the liver and kidney.

Regardless of vitamin D being important for sustaining good well being, there’s disagreement as to what the optimum stage of

vitamin D is, as worldwide suggestions differ. This has result in uncertainty in precisely learn how to interpret serum ranges

when people are examined. In recent times low vitamin D ranges have been related to a number of non-musculoskeletal

circumstances, reminiscent of most cancers, autoimmune ailments, diabetes, a number of sclerosis and coronary heart illness, though research usually

produce combined outcomes.1,2 Consequently, quite a few teams have begun advocating blanket supplementation as

a type of catch-all prophylaxis. Requests by sufferers to have vitamin D ranges assessed are additionally growing regardless of a

lack of proof that vitamin D improves any non-musculoskeletal outcomes.3

With adequate publicity to UVB in daylight, a wholesome individual can synthesise all of their vitamin D necessities in

their pores and skin. Nevertheless, the quantity of daylight an individual is uncovered to is set by elements reminiscent of season, latitude,

clothes, mobility, occupation and private behaviour. Darkish pores and skin pigmentation additionally reduces the quantity of vitamin D that

could be produced, which can lead to as much as a six-fold slower manufacturing fee.4 People inside communities

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might show vast variations in circulating ranges of vitamin D. Due to this fact, except extreme deficiency is suspected, testing

serum ranges just isn’t really useful and medical choices concerning supplementation can often be made by assessing particular person

threat elements.


How a lot vitamin D are we getting in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, vitamin D serum ranges are lowest throughout winter. Research have proven that females have decrease vitamin

D ranges than males, Māori have decrease ranges than Europeans and ranges in Pacific peoples are decrease nonetheless. Folks

with darker pores and skin pigmentation, e.g., Africans and Indians, are more likely to have even decrease ranges. Overweight folks even have

decrease ranges of vitamin D than non-obese folks.5,6

Desk 1: Really useful vitamin D levels7

Usually accepted tips for assessing vitamin D serum ranges in New Zealand are proven in Desk 1. There’s competition

as to the importance of ranges between 100 and 150 nmol/L. These ranges have beforehand been thought of to be within the

regular vary, nevertheless, latest research are starting to reveal antagonistic results in folks with vitamin D ranges > 100


It’s estimated that nearly half of the inhabitants in New Zealand have imply vitamin D ranges beneath 50 nmol/L. Nevertheless,

solely 3 – 4 % are thought to have ranges decrease than 17.5 nmol/L – categorized as extreme deficiency.8,9


Vitamin D deficiency in a medical setting


Stopping vitamin D deficiency – “vitamin d nz”


Vitamin D toxicity

Vitamin D toxicity can’t happen on account of extreme solar publicity, as daylight limits the physique’s manufacturing,

inflicting vitamin D to break-down earlier than it reaches poisonous ranges.29 Nevertheless, vitamin D obtained from meals and

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dietary supplements just isn’t naturally regulated. Vitamin D toxicity can happen following a number of months of extreme and extended

supplementation.24 Month-to-month supplementation with 1.25 mg cholecalciferol is secure. Nevertheless, as some over-the-counter

merchandise include important ranges of vitamin D, e.g. cod liver oil, vitamin D and multi-vitamin dietary supplements, it’s attainable

folks might unknowingly be taking an excessive amount of.

Vitamin D toxicity is principally as a result of results of hypercalcaemia and is related to complications and gastrointestinal

disturbance. Kidney stones, kidney failure and cardiac arrhythmias have additionally been reported. Development restriction in youngsters

can happen when poisonous ranges are reached.8,13

People who find themselves significantly delicate to adjustments in calcium stability because of vitamin D embrace people with:

Vitamin D toxicity is handled by ceasing supplementation instantly and decreasing calcium consumption. If extreme hypercalcemia

(>3.0 mmol/L) is current then IV saline with calcitonin and a bisphosphonate could also be administered in a hospital setting.

Most stories within the literature deal with acute toxicity and few research have been carried out assessing long-term elevated

publicity to vitamin D. Nevertheless, preliminary proof suggests there could also be antagonistic results from long-term supplementation

at ranges decrease than that which causes acute toxicity. For instance, a latest examine discovered that single annual, high-dose

supplementation (500 000 IU) resulted in an elevated threat of falls and fractures in aged folks.30 Additional

research are required to substantiate this impact, nevertheless, there’s a rising physique of proof contradicting the “extra

is healthier” view promoted by some teams. Vitamin D supplementation ought to solely be prescribed to those that require





“vitamin d nz”

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