Vitamin Good For Cholesterol

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Looks Good

Prescription omega-3 (Epanova, Lovaza, Omtryg or Vascepa) could be prescribed for adults with triglycerides 500 mg/dl or higher. Fiber is a great cholesterol-buster and part of a healthy diet. It’ll whisk away cholesterol, but like other fiber, it can make you need to go to bathroom more often or cause constipation if you don’t also increase your water intake.

Lowering Cholesterol

That’s why you want to try keep your cholesterol levels healthy. Your doctor may also suggest changes to your diet and exercise routine. Dietary changes could include foods particularly good for lowering cholesterol.
There are two main kinds of cholesterol: low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also called “bad” cholesterol

high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also called “good” cholesterol You want to have low levels of LDL and higher levels of HDL. The recommended cholesterol levels are: Total cholesterol: less than 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL)

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LDL cholesterol: less than 100 mg/dL

HDL cholesterol: 60 mg/dL or higher You could be at risk for high LDL cholesterol if you’re overweight or don’t get enough exercise. You can also get it from certain foods that contain it — but not as much as from foods that contain saturated and trans fats.
These types of fat cause your liver to produce extra cholesterol.

Treatment Guidelines

In 2013, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) released guidelines for the treatment of blood cholesterol.4 Rather than providing specific cholesterol targets, the current guidelines focus on intensity of statin treatment in four different groups (TABLE 1).

1. Modify Your Eating Habits

A great way to lower your cholesterol naturally is to start by replacing unhealthy (saturated) fats with healthy fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated).

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