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vitamin u cabbage juice

I’ll obtain a fee if you are going to buy by hyperlinks on this submit. I’m not a health care provider; please seek the advice of your practitioner earlier than altering your complement or healthcare routine.

Initially nearly Vitamin U, I’ve just lately added a piece on Zinc-carnosine as properly. Each Vitamin U and Zinc-carnosine assist to rebuild and defend gastric mucosal lining. Whether or not coping with H. pylori, digestive ache, full blown ulcers or making an attempt to seal leaky intestine, these two dietary supplements have been well-studied and each have nice opinions from sufferers.


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Abdomen Ache

I personally went years on a intestine therapeutic protocol with out understanding the trigger or answer for my abdomen aches. They normally felt localized, a little bit of sharp ache in a single spot. Generally I may hint them to consuming an enormous meal or sure meals. Different instances I used to be at a loss for the trigger.

I found liquid aloe (nice stuff!) to assuage the ache, which helped the symptom. However I wished to remove the issue utterly in my aim for general wellness.

After all any sort of gnawing ache has the potential to be an ulcer — or worse.

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Right here’s what I lastly discovered and carried out … to assuage and heal my leaky intestine.


What’s Vitamin U?

Vitamin U, or methylmethionine sulfonium chloride (MMSC), is present in uncooked cabbage juice. It’s been utilized in medical research for therapeutic peptic ulcers, offering fast reduction from ache in addition to therapeutic to the compromised tissue. The primary medical examine of this sort was completed again in 1949 with shockingly glorious outcomes. Many of those sufferers couldn’t have surgical procedure; however a quart of cabbage juice every day for 2-3 weeks, or dehydrated cabbage juice, healed them! (supply)

Of the 92 sufferers with ulcer ache 86 of them had been pain-free inside 3.92 days!, on common. That’s a quick 95.9% success price. 81% of them had been pain-free throughout the first week.

These sufferers had been spared long-term drug use, the usual medical therapy. This 1949 examine concluded that vitamin U therapy was more practical than medicines for a similar situation, because it prompted a therapeutic response within the physique that lasted, in contrast to medicines.


Zinc-Carnosine for Leaky Intestine

Zinc-carnosine is one other complement to contemplate — with nice scientific research and affected person opinions. The compound helps a wholesome gastrointestinal lining and relieves delicate gastric pains. Clinically examined, Zinc-carnosine protects and stabilizes the gastric and intestinal mucosal lining with “impressive results”. (supply)

Zinc-carnosine is a man-produced spinoff of carnosine through which a zinc ion and carnosine are certain in a 1-to-1 ratio to create a chelate compound. The chelate has been utilized in Japan since 1994 for gastric ulcers, gastritis and dyspepsia signs. Research present that the mixture chelate is 3 times more practical than the person elements alone. (supply)

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This complement helps a wholesome microbial steadiness and helps to seal intestinal permeability. Sufferers who battle with SIBO, histamine intolerance, ulcers, reflux, H. pylori and heartburn have all seen enchancment.


Learn how to get well from Leaky Intestine with Vitamin U and Zinc-carnosine – “vitamin u cabbage juice”

Underneath bizarre circumstances, in a wholesome intestine, the abdomen has a mucosal lining which protects it from the acid-pepsin digestive surroundings.

What’s vitamin U doing? It’s offering this resistance, this safety. Vitamin U is excessive in L-glutamine and comprises a novel type of methionine, an important amino acid, which stimulates the manufacturing of mucous. It really works as an antioxidant and, transformed within the physique, additionally serves as a methyl donor. (supply and supply) Vitamin U has a helpful impact on the liver and even has a job in producing butyrate, that brief chain fatty acid that contributes to a wholesome colon. (supply)

Vitamin U’s organic results usually are not absolutely understood, and extra scientific trials are warranted to raised perceive its makes use of and advantages.

Zinc-carnosine has been proven to stop and deal with irritation. Information signifies that Zinc-carnosine could enhance the well being of epithelial cells and assist to create the tight junction construction wanted to seal leaky intestine. (supply)


Vitamin U and Zinc-carnosine complement choices

Search for a very good vitamin U complement with Methylmethionine Sulfonium and Zinc-carnosine (like this one); it comprises mastic gum (for overcoming an H. pylori an infection) and deglycerized licorice, in addition to zinc for irritation, all of which I focus on right here, or one with simply Zinc-carnosine (like this one).

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These dietary supplements are glorious for sufferers who discover they should metaphorically return one step. Maybe you’re unable to tolerate digestive aids like Betaine HCl or digestive bitters; they’re too sturdy, inflicting ache or different uncomfortable signs.

Maybe you’re discouraged as you possibly can’t make progress on a wellness food regimen, otherwise you’re simply beginning out on GAPS, SCD, AIP or Keto.

In case you really feel fragile inside or that you have to make progress but it surely’s not occurring, vitamin U and/or Zinc-carnosine could also be JUST what you want.

If it’s true that each one well being begins within the intestine, these dietary supplements assist to supply the mucosal lining that’s basic to each therapeutic and stopping meals sensitivities. They defend and trigger therapeutic within the intestine lining. And the outcomes will be quick. 

I didn’t have a full-blown ulcer and for me reduction was speedy and prophylactic; I simply don’t get abdomen aches anymore.

While you really feel the timing is correct, strive including in digestive bitters, like this one, which additionally helps to detoxify the liver. First seek the advice of your purposeful medical physician or naturopath to make certain this plan of action is correct on your physique.



Is that this you? I’d love to listen to your experiences with vitamin U or Zinc-carnosine. Let me know within the feedback how they’ve labored for you.


“vitamin u cabbage juice”

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