What Does Vitamin D Do For Women

It’s quite a sensitive & complex subject, as such we will do our best at providing a clear and concise article to clear any doubts you may have.


Vitamin D is pivotal to the absorption of calcium and maximizing bone health. Women suffer great morbidity and mortality related to osteoporosis and fractures, which may be decreased by interventions such as vitamin D. In addition, extraskeletal benefits of vitamin D have been postulated including positive effects on cancer. Both the classical and nonclassical functions of vitamin D will be discussed here, with a focus on women.

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of sunshine is the best medicine. A walk in the park or a bike ride probably puts you in a good mood, and a moderate amount of sun is also good for your physical health. While you’re outside soaking up rays, your body is busy making vitamin D .
That’s good news, because this hormone that’s boosted by exposure to sunlight plays an important role in women’s health. We have known for a long time about vitamin D’s critical role in bone health.

Q: Why Is Vitamin D Important?

A: Research I have done in this area has found that people with low blood levels of vitamin D have a greater risk of a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, diabetes or high blood pressure later in life.
In pregnant women, low vitamin D levels are linked to pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes. No matter your age or stage of life, having adequate vitamin D levels is important. There are a number of large clinical trials studying this now.

Traditional Role

It influences bone mineral metabolism and calcium/phosphorus homeostasis by increasing synthesis of mRNA for calbindin-D, alkaline phosphatase, and other proteins. It maintains calcium and phosphorus homeostasis. Vdr and MARR receptors for Vit D are present in all tissues.
During pregnancy, the placenta is probably the most prominent site for extrarenal activation of Vit D [2]. It appears that the extrarenal function of Vit D has more to do with immune function than with calcium metabolism and homeostasis. The observations of Mellanby and others supported this fact [3].

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