What Exercises To Do At The Gym For Beginners?

What Exercises To Do At The Gym For Beginners? – Barbell push press (6 reps x 4 sets)
– Goblet squat (6 reps x 4 sets)
– Dumbbell single arm row (6 reps x 4 sets)
– Shoulder lateral raise (6 reps x 4 sets)
– Bench press (6 reps x 4 sets)
– Pull ups/assisted pull ups (6 reps x 4 sets)
– Barbell bicep curls (8 reps x 4 sets)

What is the best workout for a beginner? – 25 jumping jacks.
– 15 bodyweight squats.
– 20-30 second plank.
– Walking lunges — 10 per side.
– 10 push-ups (on knees if you need to)
– 30 seconds running in place with high knees.
– 15 glute bridges.
– 30 seconds Russian twist.

How should I start my first workout at the gym? To begin, choose a cardio machine (like the treadmill or the elliptical) and aim to stick with it for 20 to 25 minutes or whatever seems achievable for you. Start off slow and gradually adjust the incline, resistance, or speed if you think you can handle more.

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