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What Is Better Vitamin C Or Niacinamide

Scientific Studies On Vitamin C And Niacinamide

Outine go, Vitamins A and C get all the attention. But there’s a certain amount of science involved when it comes to building the perfect skincare routine. Niacinamide is a relatively new ingredient on the skincare scene.
It addresses the signs of aging by softening fine lines and reducing instances of hyperpigmentation and sallownes.

Vitamin C.

niacinamide actually carries similar benefits to vitamin C, anyway. The two ingredients can even complement each other, which is why you may find niacinamide and stable forms of vitamin C in the same skin-brightening product (our recommendations, below).
Here’s where things get hairy: Older research has shown that mixing vitamin C—specifically the unstable ascorbic acid—with niacinamide can convert it to the compound niacin, which can cause flushing (think blotchy, inflamed skin). However, the science may be a bit overstated: It actually takes extremely high heat for the two ingredients to convert to niacin, which is unlikely to happen in skin care formulations. That older study used nonstabilized forms of both ingredients in a high-temperature environment—one that did not represent typical skin care products in development, manufacturing, or in real-world storage and usage.
If you’re at all worried, though, many experts (including board-certified internist and holistic skin care expert Zion Ko Lamm, M.D., in a TikTok video) advise to proceed with caution when layering the two ingredients, especially if your skin is already sensitive to niacinamide itself. It is possible that combining niacinamide and vitamin C can convert to niacin and cause flushing, but it would need to be exposed to a super-high heat to get to that point. Skin care formulations don’t tend to reach those levels of heat, so you should be just fine—but if your skin falls more on the sensitive side, you might still want to proceed with caution.

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Vitamin C Serum Vs Nicotinamide

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Benefits Of Using Vitamin C & Niacinamide Together

“They both have similar benefits while also ‘filling the gaps’ within the other,” notes Wilson. She explains that using a combination, rather than just one or the other, “can amplify their similarities” in the natural glow and skin protection department, while also tapping into the individual perks. “For the most part, niacinamide is known to support a strong and resilient skin barrier as well as helping to reduce the look of dryness, irritation, and dullness in the skin,” says Wilson.
“However — in the right formula — niacinamide has been also shown to help the look of blemishes and excess oil production.”.

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