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What’S A Collagen

Nonetheless, you might surprise what collagen is, in addition to what it’s good for. This text provides you an intensive overview of this vital protein.

What’s collagen?

You’ll be able to consider it because the “glue” that holds all these items collectively. The truth is, the phrase comes from the Greek phrase “kólla,” which suggests glue.

What does it do in your physique?

One of many seen indicators of that is in your pores and skin, which turns into much less agency and supple. Cartilage additionally weakens with age.

Vitamins that enhance collagen manufacturing

As well as, your physique wants prime quality protein that incorporates the amino acids wanted to make new proteins. Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, legumes, and tofu are all wonderful sources of amino acids.

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Issues that harm collagen

Some autoimmune problems, corresponding to lupus, also can harm collagen.

Pure meals sources

If you eat protein, it’s damaged down into amino acids after which reassembled, so the collagen you eat wouldn’t translate immediately into greater ranges in your physique.

Advantages of collagen dietary supplements

Some various medication practitioners additionally advocate utilizing collagen dietary supplements to deal with leaky intestine syndrome.

Security and unintended effects

Additionally, for those who’re allergic to the supply of the complement, you possibly can have an allergic response.

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