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Why Do Gummy Vitamins Hurt My Teeth

Gummy Vitamins Can Enhance Danger For Cavities

They might comprise many useful nutritional vitamins and minerals, however with regards to tooth, they are often simply as harmful as fruit snacks or gummy bears.

Gummy Vitamins Aren’T Your Solely Possibility

gummy nutritional vitamins aren’t the one option to enrich your little one’s weight loss plan. You’ll find choices for nutritional vitamins that gained’t be such a good friend to decay and plaque.
As well as, a nutritious diet of fruit and veggies, dairy similar to cheese, yogurt, or milk are at all times useful each to your little one’s total well being, and their oral well being. In case you should… right here’s methods to use gummy nutritional vitamins correctly

should you’re nonetheless asking “are gummy vitamins bad for teeth?” know that though they could contribute to tooth decay, should you should, you may nonetheless use them. Some methods to make use of them correctly embody, having your kids drink water instantly after consuming the nutritional vitamins, and brush their tooth 30-60 minutes after consuming them.
This may occasionally assist mitigate the injury just a little, as sugar within the gummies can have an effect on the tooth enamel, softening it and making it extra inclined to put on and tear throughout brushing instantly after consuming the gummies. Water might wash away among the meals particles, and brushing can take away what’s sticking to the tooth as effectively. Make certain to floss completely, and test along with your dentist about what toothpaste is greatest on your little one’s age and desires.
Name our mckinney dental workplace to make an appointment with a dentist who might be able to enable you discover out extra about this subject, and enhance your oral well being.

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Citric Acid And Sugar

nearly all gummy nutritional vitamins comprise added sugar and citric acid. Combining citric acid with sugar is further dangerous, as micro organism in your mouth feed on sugar and produce extra acid within the course of.

Options To Gummy Vitamins

the easiest way your little one can get all of the nutritional vitamins and vitamins they want is by consuming a balanced weight loss plan containing loads of fruits, greens, and different wholesome meals. Vitamins ought to be handled as dietary supplements to a nutritious diet, not replacements for sure meals. However should you depend on multivitamins as a result of your little one has allergic reactions or is a choosy eater, ask their pediatrician for suggestions on alternate options to gummy nutritional vitamins.
They may recommend natural gummies that don’t comprise added sugar, or breaking pill nutritional vitamins in half to construct up your kid’s tolerance for swallowing drugs.

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