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Why Do Plants Need Magnesium Weegy

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Baker’s defenders point out that he went through the entire season without his intended cleanup batsman, Ryan Ludwick (shoulder surgery), and that the bulk of the year was without him. Johnny Cueto (strained right lat) Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Jay Bruce were all absent. Phillips went so far as to say he flat-out choked. He would also address the minority issue. If Larkin says he wants it, Riggleman will be a difficult sell for Jocketty, who is the Reds’ owner.

Why Do Plants Need Magnesium?

Magnesium is the central component of the chlorophyll molecule in plant tissue.
It is found in a variety of minerals.
Magnesium can be used in plants as these minerals weather or break down.
The majority of the soils in western Minnesota have naturally high amounts of Mg, with the addition of dolomitic limestone in the crop rotation, if necessary, providing adequate MG for crop growth.
Mg can be supplied when needed by the addition of limestone in eastern counties.

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