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why does pre workout make me pee

Preworkout dietary supplements are a technique for weight lifters and health fanatics to get energized for high-intensity exercises. The stimulants in these dietary supplements present a lift on your muscle tissue and vitality degree, however they will additionally result in plenty of damaging negative effects together with dehydration, kidney issues and hypertension.


Preworkout Dietary supplements

Preworkout dietary supplements are principally composed of stimulants comparable to caffeine and creatine, and normally are available powder or capsule type. These stimulants are extremely in style amongst weight lifters, in line with the College of Maryland Medical Middle, for his or her capacity to extend muscular endurance and energy whereas suspending muscular fatigue.



When consumed in massive doses, preworkouts may cause dehydration. The 2 commonest components of preworkouts, caffeine and creatine, are each diuretics, which means they trigger you to urinate extra steadily than you’ll usually. Moreover, creatine causes the water in your physique to be drawn into your muscle tissue. Whereas which will give the looks of bigger muscle mass, the water retention within the muscle tissue attracts water away from different elements of your physique, additional growing the chance of dehydration.

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Kidney Injury

Taking excessive doses of creatine over an prolonged time period may cause kidney issues. Creatine is a pure product your physique produces and shops within the muscle tissue, however an excessive amount of extra creatine cannot solely trigger your system to cease producing its personal creatine, however can even result in a rise in manufacturing of renal by-products comparable to creatinine. Whereas creatinine in small doses is protected, in massive doses it will possibly worsen current kidney issues, resulting in potential renal failure.


Excessive Blood Strain

Like all stimulants, caffeine and creatine may cause a dramatic enhance in your blood strain ranges. As a result of high-intensity, short-duration workouts comparable to weight lifting already elevate your blood strain, taking extreme quantities of caffeine proper earlier than lifting weights may cause a probably problematic spike in your blood strain ranges.


Different Potential Results – “why does pre workout make me pee”

Though dehydration, kidney points and hypertension are the commonest damaging negative effects of preworkout stimulants, there are numerous different potential negative effects that may have an effect on sure people. These can embrace uncontrolled muscle actions, complications, weight acquire, cramps, upset abdomen, nervousness, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea and dizziness. Moreover, since preworkout dietary supplements are categorised by the FDA as meals quite than medicine, they don’t seem to be topic to the identical strict requirements and regulation as medication. Seek the advice of your physician earlier than including any complement — preworkout or in any other case — to your common food regimen.

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