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Why Is Biotin Good For Ms?

Why do people with MS take biotin? Biotin is thought to help manage presentations of progressive MS due to supporting nerve cell metabolism. MS develops when the immune system targets and damages myelin, a substance that covers and protects the nerve cells. Biotin activates key enzymes, helping the body to produce more myelin.

Does biotin repair myelin? Biotin, as a cofactor for four essential carboxylases, might support myelin repair by enhancing fatty acid synthesis and protect against hypoxia-driven axonal degeneration by augmenting energy production in neurons.

What does biotin do for the nervous system? Biotin, a vitamin that helps cells to produce energy, boosts nerve function in high doses, opening the door to a possible treatment for progressive forms of multiple sclerosis.

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Why Is Biotin Good For Ms

Very high doses of biotin may be effective in MS by promoting myelin repair through activation of an enzyme involved in myelin synthesis and by enhancing energy production in demyelinated nerves.

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