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Why Is My Biotin Levels High?

What does high levels of biotin mean? Excess biotin in blood interferes with the biotin used in some, but not all, immunoassays and can cause results to be either falsely increased or falsely decreased. These inaccurate test results can cause healthcare practitioners to misdiagnose and mistreat their patients.

Can biotin levels be too high? Nov. 29, 2017 — The FDA is warning that high doses of vitamin B7, or biotin, in dietary supplements can interfere with hundreds of common lab tests — including some that emergency room doctors rely on to diagnose a heart attack. The problem has led to at least one death.

What are the symptoms of biotin? Side effects of biotin deficiency

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Can biotin affect your thyroid?

Most commonly, biotin use can result in falsely high levels of T4 and T3 and falsely low levels of TSH, leading to either a wrong diagnosis of hyperthyroidism or that the thyroid hormone dose is too high.

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