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Why Magnesium Ribbon Is Rubbed With Sandpaper

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The magnesium ribbon is cleaned by rubbing with sandpaper before burning in the air. This is done to remove the protective layer of basic magnesium carbonate (Mg(CO3)2) from the ribbon’s surface. The aim is to remove all the impurities that could alter and impede the reaction with oxygen when burning. The magnesium oxide layer on the ribbon can prevent or slow down the burning of magnesium ribbon, which does not burn. The metal is classified as the alkaline earth metals in the second group of the periodic table. Magnesium reacts with oxygen to produce magnesium oxide, which does not burn.

Why Magnesium Ribbon Is Rubbed With Sandpaper – Answer & Related Questions

Magnesium oxide was removed from the magnesium oxide layer. For lowering the ribbon’s ignition temperature, mix silicon with magnesium with sandpaper (silicon dioxide).

Why Magnesium Ribbon Is Rubbed?

Magnesium is a highly reactive metal. When exposed to air, it develops a layer of magnesium oxide on its surface, which prevents further reaction of calcium with oxygen. Because of a layer of basic magnesium oxide, the magnesium ribbon is rubbed before burning.

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