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Zinc Nickel Plating Thickness

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Why select zinc-nickel plating?

Specs that we provide:

Why select Steel Finishings Ltd?

What’s Zinc Nickel Plating?

The plated coating typically consists of 11 to 16% nickel
and the rest as zinc (many specs enable a bigger vary, however finest efficiency is normally discovered on this
vary). Zinc-nickel plating includes zinc and nickel being co-electrodeposited on to elements. Zinc-nickel plating may be
passivated to additional enhance its corrosion resistance.

Why Zinc Nickel?

On this method,
zinc nickel could carry out a lot better than zinc for larger temperature functions (passivates lose this effectiveness
at elevated temperature). Zinc-nickel has good unpassivated corrosion resistance, though it may be improved even additional with passivates and
high coats. By comparability zinc plating could be very reliant on the passivation and topcoating for defense.

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Use Steel Finishings Ltd for Zinc Nickel

As a good floor therapy firm, our zinc-nickel coatings are checked for composition and thickness on each
manufacturing batch by XRF. Moreover, our coatings are backed by month-to-month salt spray
testing to verify corrosion resistance (per ASTM B117). That is crucial to make sure elements carry out as designed
in service, however not provided as normal by all corporations.

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