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Can Biotin Cause Oily Hair?

Can vitamins make your hair oily? Not getting enough B vitamins What you eat does affect every inch of your body, right down to the ends of your hair. According to HealWithFood, a person’s B vitamin intake directly affects a person’s level of sebum (oil) production.

Why is my hair so oily all of a sudden? Hormones: Hormone fluctuations in both men and women can be triggered by stress, puberty, pregnancy, menopause or medications (including birth control pills) and can result in excessive sebum production. If you notice a sudden onset of greasy hair, your hormone levels might be the culprit.

Does biotin make skin oily? Supplements that are used for hair and nail growth, such as biotin, have been linked to the production of excess oil which can ultimately irritate and worsen acne. If you are taking a supplement like this one, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water each time you take them.

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Can Biotin Cause Oily Hair

In particular, the intake of B vitamins is directly linked with your level of sebum production. According to Lococo, “Vitamin B, such as biotin, affects panthenol and sebum levels, which helps hair stay healthy and shiny.

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