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Can Biotin Elevate Liver Enzymes?

What supplements can cause elevated liver enzymes? Some of the most frequently used non-bodybuilding supplements associated with hepatotoxicity include green tea extract and multi-ingredient nutritional supplements that contain both botanicals and other compounds. These products include familiar names like Hydroxycut, Oxy ELITE Pro and LipoKinetix.

What blood tests does biotin interfere with? Most of the published research on biotin interference covers hormone tests, such as parathyroid hormone (PTH), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), T4 and T3 tests, as well as tests for troponin.

What vitamins affect liver enzymes? The two exceptions to the lack of harm to the liver by higher doses of vitamins are vitamin A and niacin, both of which can cause distinctive forms of liver injury when taken in high doses. Specific links to discussions of the risks of liver injury from specific vitamins are given below.

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Can Biotin Elevate Liver Enzymes

Despite the fact that biotin supplementation had no effect on liver toxicity markers, histological analysis showed noticeable differences between groups.

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