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Can Biotin Help With Fertility?

Can you have biotin while trying to conceive? Expectant women should have an intake of at least 25-30 mcg of biotin per day. The symptoms of toxicity do not occur at this dosage. Biotin supplements of this dosage might help an expectant woman prevent the issues caused due to biotin deficiency.

Does biotin decrease fertility? Biotin deficiency decreased fertility of flies. When biotin-deficient males and females were mated, the hatching rate (larvae hatched per egg) decreased by about 28% compared to biotin-sufficient controls.

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Can Biotin Help With Fertility

Supplementary biotin increased egg production from 73.5% for T0 to 87.8% for T2. Hens administered with biotin in line B, but not in line D, showed an increase (8.4%) in fertility rate.

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