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does vitamin d affect hair growth

Vijaya Vegesna, James O’Kelly, Milan Uskokovic, Jonathan Stated, Nathan Lemp, Takayuki Saitoh, Takayuki Ikezoe, Lise Binderup, H. Phillip Koeffler, Vitamin D3 Analogs Stimulate Hair Progress in Nude Mice, Endocrinology, Quantity 143, Challenge 11, 1 November 2002, Pages 4389–4396,



These observations inspired us to discover the flexibility of vitamin D3 analogs to stimulate hair development in nude mice with defects in keratinocytes. A lot of vitamin D3 analogs have been developed which can be stronger of their skill to induce differentiation and inhibit proliferation however produce much less hypercalcemia than the physiologically energetic compound, 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 [1,25(OH)2D3] (9). We selected six vitamin D3 analogs that matched these traits and examined their skill to trigger hair development in nude mice (10–15).


Supplies and Strategies

Antisera towards keratin proteins had been used for Western blotting to determine expression patterns on the protein stage (16, 17). One antisera was towards kind I acidic hair keratin Ha8, which usually reveals complicated a expression sample in rising follicles; and the second acknowledged kind II fundamental hair keratin Hb3.

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To handle whether or not the impact of hair development stimulation by vitamin D3 analogs is particular to nude mice, C57 BL/6 mice got both Ro 25-9022 or Ro 26-9114, thrice per week, after hair regrowth was stimulated by plucking of the hair. Hair scores had been taken thrice per week utilizing the identical scale as described in Desk 1. No acceleration within the regrowth of hair occurred throughout remedy with both of the vitamin D3 analogs (Fig. 7).



In our experiments, the administration of 1,25(OH)2D3 didn’t induce hair development within the nude mice; nevertheless, quite a lot of vitamin D3 analogs did trigger hair development. All of those analogs have been beforehand proven to have a higher efficiency to induce differentiation and inhibit proliferation of quite a lot of cancer-related cell varieties, each in vitro and in vivo (10–15) (Desk 3). Due to this fact, the possible motive why the vitamin D3 analogs are in a position to stimulate hair development in nude mice, whereas 1,25(OH)2D3 can not, is that they’ve higher efficiency in vivo. Every of the analogs is ready to bind to VDR (9). Among the mechanisms which can be hypothesized to account for his or her elevated efficiency embrace the truth that they’ve decreased binding to D-binding protein within the serum, which permits extra prepared entry to coming into the cell. These analogs might alter the conformation of the VDR, making them extra energetic, or they might delay the half-life of the activated VDR (34). They is also modulating the flexibility of corepressors or coactivators to work together with the ligand-activated VDR (35). Regardless of the mechanism could also be, these analogs are performing on the hair follicle of the nude mice, in all probability by stimulating the expression of genes, corresponding to keratins, that are downstream of the faulty Whn transcription issue; and these genes are important to formation of the hair shaft (16, 17, 31). In abstract, our outcomes present sturdy proof that vitamin D3 analogs can stimulate the expansion of hair in nude mice that usually would not have seen hair.

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Acknowledgments – “does vitamin d affect hair growth”

This work was supported, partly, by the Sid and Ann Schwartz household fund, the Horn Belief, and the Parker Hughes Basis. H.P.Okay. is the holder of the Mark Goodson Chair in Oncology at Cedars Sinai Medical Middle and is a member of the Jonsson Most cancers Middle.





“does vitamin d affect hair growth”

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