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is protein and collagen the same thing



Origin & Amino Acid Profiles 


Collagen is usually made through bone cover from beef cows nevertheless there are vegetarian-friendly variations resembling marine collagen. Collagen is primarily heavy in three amino acids – glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Typically talking, these amino acids have properties that support within the well being of connective tissue, pores and skin, hair nails.

Whey Protein however is a protein derived from milk – a nutrient dense full supply. Whey protein isolate additionally goes via a complicated purification course of that filters out fats, lactose, sugar and carbohydrates for an extremely wholesome protein supply.Whey Protein is taken into account to be a whole protein which is outlined as containing all 9 Important Amino Acids (EAAs). Different proteins that are geared toward being a substitute for Whey Protein — resembling plant proteins — will typically need to be supplemented with a purpose to obtain the identical all-in-one stability. Of recognition is Whey Protein’s excessive ranges of BCAAs (valine, leucine and isoleucine). These Amino Acids are extremely purposeful elements for muscle restoration & retention. 

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The Amino Acid profile is the important differentiatorbetween Whey Protein & Collagen. On the subject of Amino Acids, just a few key issues are necessary to grasp earlier than we dive in and also you evaluate the visuals.


BiPro’s Typical Whey Protein Amino Acid Profile


Typical Marine Collagen Amino Acid Profile


Key Advantages

As famous above, the amino acid profiles of Whey Protein and Collagen are the drivers of their purposeful advantages. And as proven within the Amino Acid Profile visuals above, Collagen and Whey Protein have very distinctive profiles due to this fact the advantages they create about are fairly totally different. 

To start, Collagen is a protein that’s naturally occurring in our our bodies however as we age, this inherent manufacturing begins to sluggish and may have supplementation. Along with Collagen enjoying a task within the well being of hair, pores and skin and nails, it additionally has a major position within the connective tissuessuch as bones, ligaments, tendons, and the skeletal muscle mass. 

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Whereas Whey Protein’s standing as a whole protein means it incorporates all 9 Important Amino Acids, its notoriety exists with its exceptionally excessive ranges of leucine (BiPro® ELITE Whey Protein Isolate has 2.5g). Leucine has a singular capacity to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Dr Mike Rousell, Ph.D., creator of The Meta Shred Dietdescribes leucine as being important to the physique’s capacity to ‘activate’ muscle constructing at a mobile stage. Whey Protein could be a highly effective software to attain plenty of health and wellness objectives resembling muscle beneficial properties, weight administration, therapeutic restoration, sarcopenia administration and extra. Along with providing an interesting low calorie, low carb dietary profile, using a pure, clear label Whey Protein Isolate like BiPro® can be usually gluten free and lactose free. This implies Whey Protein Isolate may be simple on digestion methods even when people have a sensitivity to different dairy merchandise.  




When to Take & How A lot


To return to our first take-away, in terms of Whey Protein versus Collagen, you don’t have to select and select. Each proteins can be utilized in a complementary style each day. As we all know, protein dietary supplements are extraordinarily adaptable and may be inbuilt conveniently in the course of the day. In case you’re to see beneficial each day protein necessities, take a look at BiPro’s Protein Calculator. Under are two skilled insights, from Reilly Brown and Chris Freytag, on Whey Protein and Collagen consumption:

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View Reilly’s Video Take Right here.


View Chris’s full video breakdown of Whey Protein and Collagen Right here.

As at all times, what merchandise are best for you will rely in your physique, objectives, preferences and price range and it is best to at all times seek the advice of healthcare professionals when you’re critical about discovering a extra precise proper stability for you. We provide these insights that can assist you discover your wellness behaviors and encourage you to make large strikes in your health journey! 




– “is protein and collagen the same thing”



“is protein and collagen the same thing”

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