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is protein bad for low porosity hair

Hair porosity is a time period that’s used to explain how effectively your hair is ready to soak up and retain moisture and oils.

In case you have low porosity hair, it means the construction of your hair doesn’t simply permit moisture to be absorbed into your hair shaft. This will make it tougher for water to saturate your hair when it’s washed.

As a result of any such hair tends to repel moisture, it will also be more difficult to course of and magnificence.

Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at the traits of low porosity hair, in addition to some suggestions and recommendation on how greatest to take care of it.

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What’s low porosity hair?

Your hair is mainly a set of lifeless cells which are organized in a definite, three-layer sample:

With low porosity hair, the cuticles are inclined to overlap one another and are tightly packed collectively. As a result of there aren’t any areas between the cuticles, it makes it tougher for water, in addition to merchandise like oils and conditioners, to ship moisture to the hair shaft.

Often, if in case you have low porosity hair, it’s on account of genetic components.

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Utilizing chemical compounds and warmth in your hair usually doesn’t trigger low hair porosity.

When warmth or styling does injury the cuticle layer, it’s extra more likely to end in excessive porosity hair. Which means the cuticles are raised and have areas between them. This will makes it laborious for the hair shaft to retain moisture.


What are the traits of low porosity hair?

Merchandise sit in your hair

In case you have low porosity hair, you might discover that hair merchandise have a tendency to sit down in your hair as an alternative of being absorbed.

As an illustration, you might apply an oil or moisturizer to the ends of your hair. Half an hour later, you might discover that the product remains to be on the floor of your hair. It could even come off in your fingers should you contact it.

Your hair in all probability absorbed little or no, if any, of the product.

Washing and drying takes longer

With low porosity hair, washing and drying can take longer than you’d anticipate. As a result of water isn’t simply absorbed, you might discover it may be troublesome to get your hair actually moist and for the water to completely penetrate your hair.

Then, as soon as your hair is moist, it could take a very long time to air-dry. Even utilizing a blow dryer could take longer than it does for others who’ve hair that’s the identical size and thickness as yours.


Easy methods to check your hair

In case you’re unsure what sort of hair porosity you may have, right here’s a straightforward option to discover out. Simply observe these steps:

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Easy methods to take care of low porosity hair

When you may have low porosity hair, you might be tempted to use a bigger amount of a product, or multiple hair product at a time, in an effort to saturate your hair.

However as a result of the cuticles are so shut collectively, not a lot product will penetrate, regardless of how a lot you apply.

The bottom line is to search out merchandise which have the correct formulation for low porosity hair. These merchandise can have substances that may extra simply penetrate your hair.

One other necessary tip is to use merchandise when your hair is moist and heat. Warmth can carry the hair cuticle, permitting oils and moisture to extra simply penetrate the hair shaft.

If you wish to know what sorts of substances and merchandise are inclined to work effectively for low porosity hair, listed below are some recommendations.


Shampoos that don’t depart lots of residue are your greatest wager. Search for merchandise that include honey or glycerin. These substances can penetrate the hair cuticle extra simply than merchandise that include oils.

Some shampoos which will work effectively embrace:


Strive diluting your conditioner with a small quantity of water once you apply it to your hair. This may also help make the conditioner extra simply absorbable and fewer more likely to simply sit in your hair.

Some conditioners which will work effectively embrace:

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Deep conditioner

Generally your hair might have a bit additional enhance of moisture. A method to do that is with a weekly deep-conditioning therapy.

It might assist should you use a steamer, warmth cap, or hooded dryer once you situation your hair.

Or, you’ll be able to put a bathe cap over your hair when you’ve utilized the deep conditioner, then use a blow dryer on the nice and cozy setting for a couple of minutes to warmth up your hair below the cap. This may also help open the cuticles.

For low porosity hair, you’ll wish to keep away from protein therapy conditioners. Protein formulation can improve the chance of hair breakage since they have a tendency to tug moisture out of the hair.

Some good decisions for low porosity hair embrace:

Styling merchandise

In case you’re on the lookout for efficient curl- and style-enhancing merchandise, these may match effectively:


The takeaway – “is protein bad for low porosity hair”

With low porosity hair, it’s not straightforward for moisture and oils to penetrate the hair shaft. It might take longer in your hair to develop into saturated once you wash it. It could even be more difficult to course of and magnificence your hair.

Nonetheless, there are specific substances that may make low porosity hair simpler to take care of. Realizing the sorts of merchandise to make use of, and which of them to keep away from, could make a distinction within the manageability and well being of your hair.



“is protein bad for low porosity hair”

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