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proteinuria medical definition

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Proteinuria is related to cardiovascular and renal illness and is a predictor of finish organ harm in sufferers with hypertension. Detection of a rise in protein excretion is thought to have each diagnostic and prognostic worth within the preliminary detection and affirmation of renal illness.[1, 2]

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Protein shouldn’t usually seem within the urine in detectable portions.

MicroalbuminuriaMicroalbuminuria is protein between 30 and 300 mg per 24 hours. This will likely happen with diabetes and is mentioned in its personal article. Normal dipsticks will present detrimental with microalbuminuria.

Bence-Jones proteinAs might happen with a number of myeloma, this may increasingly even be undetectable on customary dipstick testing. These are the sunshine chains of immunoglobulins.

AlbuminuriaThis is commonly taken as synonymous with proteinuria:


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Proteinuria is normally asymptomatic, though sufferers might complain of some ‘frothiness’ of their urine.

Heavy and protracted proteinuria leads to hypo-albuminaemia. This will likely produce ankle swelling, stomach ache and breathlessness.


Sufferers with asymptomatic proteinuria normally don’t have any indicators, however in additional extreme circumstances (corresponding to with nephrotic syndrome) there could also be oedema, ascites , hydroceles and pleural effusions on account of decreased oncotic stress. The nephrotic syndrome consists of proteinuria, hypoalbuminaemia and oedema. There may additionally be signs and indicators regarding the underlying trigger.

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Causes are manifold and the next desk illustrates a few of these.



Albumin:creatinine (ACR) or protein:creatinine ratio (PCR) is mostly extra helpful than 24-hour collections. A PCR of 100, or ACR of 70, is roughly equal to 1g of urinary protein per 24 hours. Beneath this degree the conversion is non-linear.[6]

Preliminary investigations ought to then embody the next:

Proteinuria in extra of three.5 g per day is prone to result in a nephrotic syndrome. This normally signifies glomerular illness.[4]


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Ailments outdoors the kidney that may trigger proteinuria embody:

Any related hypertension needs to be handled aggressively, ideally together with an ACE inhibitor or, if there are side-effects, an angiotensin-II receptor antagonist.



The presence of any the next will increase the chance of great renal illness, and signifies that additional investigation or referral to a specialist is suitable:



Low-level proteinuria

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If proteinuria is <1.5 g protein per day or if it is intermittent, it may be followed up at 6- to 12-monthly intervals with monitoring of: Higher-level proteinuria If proteinuria >1.5 g a day, that is prone to want administration by a specialist from the outset and additional investigation might embody:

“proteinuria medical definition”

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